Suprima Bakery

Our Expertise

For many years Suprima has delivered innovative, consistent and quality frozen dough products to our customers. Our wealth of skills in frozen dough manufacturing, technical expertise in food sciences enabled us to serve our customers to achieve professional results every time.

Suprima R&D

SuprimaR&D is responsible for new product development programs of a wide range of specialty bakery food products such as Frozen Dough, Par-Bake, Thaw & Bake, Thaw & Sell and Baked products. This includes a range of loaf breads, rolls, croissants, baguettes, artisan breads, scones, brioche, scrolls, pizza bases, danishes and cookies. We create commercially viable products for our customers and offers product innovation, quality assurance and customer satisfaction.

Our highly skilled team includes R&D food technologists and research bakers. SuprimaR&D has extensive lab facilities that provide the food science resources to compete in today’s knowledge-driven economy to innovate and develop new varieties of frozen dough products. Our team of experts will help facilitate your next innovation to stay on top of your market.

Technologies and standards used at our factories

Suprima frozen dough factory in Minto is highly automated and is operated by the latest technology supported by state-of-the-art Rheon equipment from Japan, the most reputable name for such equipment to produce premium quality frozen dough products.

The factory has received the HACCP. Suprima believes in continuous improvement of its production & quality processes and takes every measure to adhere to high standards of manufacturing.

Technical Sales Support

Our bakery services support team is responsible for providing outstanding services to the bakers and institutional customers. Our team of bakery services experts is proficient in understanding the "Pain-Points" of small to large scale bakery owners and provides practical solutions to help them grow their businesses.

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