• Introducing Frozen Dough
  • Productive baking transformation from scratch to frozen dough
  • Innovative products with consistent quality
  • Suprima is one of Australia's largest frozen dough producers

Productive baking transformation from scratch to frozen dough

Quality dough that’s quick and easy to use. Suprima is a Sydney-based manufacturer that specialises in the production of frozen dough for bakeries across Australia and beyond. Most bakeries are familiar with frozen pastries but we go further by offering you a range of bread doughs that can transform your business operation. Our goal is to educate business owners and operators about the many benefits of frozen dough so that their business can grow and profit in a competitive market.

We know all about the challenges that bakers currently face, high labour costs, expensive ingredients – and finding quality staff. Fortunately, our products can help to significantly cut the amount of time, effort, skill and money that goes into baking fantastic bread. Our reliable cost effective frozen dough mixes don’t compromise on quality either, so sit back and relax as we do the hard work and deliver amazing, ready-to-be-baked frozen dough right to your doorstep.

Introducing iBake Premium Artisan and Industrial Frozen Dough

iBake Premium Frozen Dough presents a range of sweet and savoury products in a versatile and easy to use frozen dough format. This enables you to produce products that are equal to those made from scratch by skilled bakers. This breakthrough is the culmination of painstaking R&D involving a creative blending of baking skills, flour and ingredient technologies, coupled with sophisticated engineering processes. A delicious combination of art and science.  

The key to superb baking quality is using the right flour. Our flour is proprietary formulation, unique to our bakery. As a result, iBake Premium Frozen Dough delivers products that are not only well balanced in volume, flavour, aroma, texture and crust. But also have a great standing quality, a gourmet’s delight. We supply frozen raw dough in a variety of formats and sizes that will enable you to make bread, rolls, baguettes, scrolls, filled buns, fruit and savoury products, everyday.

Delivering The Best Quality - Every Time

What’s Possible With Suprima

Our frozen dough will let you create and design amazing products like never before. The possibilities are endless. Visit our Inspiration section for great ideas.





Filled buns


Suprima Bakeries is a leader in the Australian manufacture and supply of frozen bakery products.

At Suprima Bakeries we are committed to serving your needs for premium quality, labour saving frozen bakery products. As one of Australia’s largest frozen dough manufacturers, we not only provide bakeries, cafes and restaurants across the country with premium quality products, but we also teach them how to use frozen dough effectively to help eliminate expensive ingredient and labour costs.

Suprima Bakeries offers an extensive range of frozen bread doughs, sweet doughs, and filled products that can be customised to suit any market. Our cutting-edge frozen dough technology combined with a highly qualified technical team that provides support nationwide.

Did you know that? We began over 30 years ago…

Positioned as one of Australia’s leading wholesale frozen dough providers, Suprima’s manufacturing facilities have been expanded through the years. We run a highly automated state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Minto NSW, producing specialised frozen dough products. The site also runs a fully automated frozen warehouse facility capable of holding 8000 pallets.

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Do you deliver?

Yes. Please get in touch with our friendly team for all information regarding delivery and more. You can contact us on 02 8796 9300.

Can You Make Multiple Products From Frozen Dough?

Yes, you can look at our Inspiration page for a variety of different products made using frozen dough.

Do You Also Offer Flavoured Frozen Dough?

Yes, our range includes over twenty various compositions of frozen dough that you can reprocess to create beautiful and delicious products.

Do You Also Offer Everyday/ Classic Bakery Supplies?

Yes, Suprima is our everyday product division and we provide a wide range of classic bakery products.

Can You Produce Frozen Dough to My Specifications?

Yes, we can customise the dough to your formulation to meet your quality and cost. 

Can You Adjust the Frozen Dough to Suit My Operating Environment?

Yes, we will work closely with you to do so.