Introducing Frozen Dough

Bake Fresh

With Suprima's Dough Range

We make the dough from scratch so you can enjoy baking amazing-quality products that your customers love, all without the extra time, effort and cost.

It All Starts With Dough

We know all about the challenges that bakers currently face, high labour costs, expensive ingredients, and finding quality staff. Fortunately, our products can help to significantly cut the amount of time, effort, skill, and money that goes into baking fantastic bread. We make the dough from scratch and never compromise on quality, so sit back and relax as we do the hard work and deliver amazing high quality dough right to your doorstep.

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What Is
Frozen Dough

Frozen dough is a simple concept. We make bread doughs from scratch, snap freeze and then deliver to your door. All the mixing is done so you don’t have to worry about consistency and texture. 

How To Use Our Dough

Thaw, Create, Proof, Bake. It is that simple! All our Frozen Dough products will arrive at your store in a carton. When you need to use them, simply remove from your freezer, thaw, and bake fresh!

Freshly Baked Inspiration

Take a look at the endless possibilities that come with using our customisable and versatile dough range. Dial up your creativity and be inspired to bake quality, artisan goods that your customers love.

Can Switching To Frozen Dough Help To Grow Your Business?

Uncover the time and cost savings frozen dough can offer your baking business with our free Efficiency Calculator tool.

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About Suprima.

Suprima Bakeries, part of Prima Group of Companies, strive to support Australian food businesses by providing high-quality dough products that you customise and bake fresh.

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