About Suprima Bakeries

Who We Are


We’re Australian Bakers, Just Like You

Our team of Australian bakers, food scientists and R&D specialists are passionate about making quality products that you and your team bake fresh.


We Stand For Quality

We’re leaders in sourcing high quality ingredients at competitive prices, and are certified to SQF standards to provide you with the assurance and confidence that you’re getting the best products possible.


Who We Work With

We work with quick service restaurants, supermarkets, local bakeries, cafe owners and other food businesses across the country.

Our Promise

“Innovative products that revolutionise your baking process”

Suprima Bakeries, part of Prima Group of Companies, strive to support Australian food businesses by providing high-quality dough products that you customise and bake fresh.

We empower baking professionals and business owners, reducing the hard work that it takes to run your quick service restaurants, cafes, supermarkets and bakeries. 

By working with us, you will produce a greater variety of products and delight your customers with your quality. Our products do the hard work and deliver amazing high quality dough right to your doorstep. 

about Suprima bakers
where is suprima dough made

Where do we make the dough?

“Right here in Australia”

We make our range of dough products right here in Australia, in our Western Sydney plant. We use the latest industrial technologies from Europe and Japan to create high quality bread dough at scale. 

How do we make the dough?

“Just like you would!”

We make our dough from scratch in the same way you would, just on a larger scale! 

We add ingredients to the mixer, mix until the dough is developed and then process it into various products before snap freezing, packing and storing – ready for bakers to thaw, create, proof and bake fresh.

Whether you want to bake artisan sourdough, sweet scrolls or bake at scale across multiple sites, it all starts with dough.

Our Certifications

In order to provide Suprima’s customers with safe and high-quality products, and ensure that food safety and quality codes for industry, customer, and regulatory requirements for all sectors of the food supply chain are met – we have been certified to SQF standards (SQF No: 61346) which is a Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) benchmarked scheme built on a foundation of HACCP risk identification and minimisation.

Suprima also ensures that the SMETA standard for human resources, social accountability, people safety, as well as environmental and biodiversity requirements are upheld.

This provides our customers with the assurance and confidence that they are getting the best products possible.

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