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Australian Food Trends Point to Nation’s Favourite Filled Buns

Filled buns have been a long time Australian favourite. From sweet to savoury, walking into a bakery you are greeted with a selection of filled bun varieties. If you are looking to switch up your menu or add a selection of filled buns to it, studying up on Australian food trends can help you decide which may be the best to include.

Meat-filled buns

Australia’s original fan food – the meat pie is easily one of Australia’s most beloved brands, second to Vegemite. Catapulting into popularity, the meat pie is enjoyed nationwide from tradie to traveller. It’s estimated that on average Australians each eat an average of 12 meat pies per year, that’s 270 million pies per year across the country! It’s safe to say, Australians are massive fans of meat stuffed pastries.  

Cheesy buns

Cheese is a major product for the Australian dairy industry, with more than a third of Australian milk being utilised. Last year, Australia produced about 381,000 tonnes of cheese and exported close to 166,000 tonnes of cheese as one of the world’s largest importers. From tasty to cheddar, Australians can’t seem to get enough of its creamy goodness. The recent cheese fascination has encouraged bakers to get creative to appease the Aussie cheese hankerings, from ham and cheese buns and margarita scrolls to cheese and bacon rolls, the options are endless. 

Chocolate-filled buns

Switching to a sweeter selection of buns, chocolate proves year after year to be one of Australia’s favourite desserts. Research shows that 14.2 million Australians consume chocolate every four weeks. Bakers have caught onto the trend introducing delicious sweet treats to their menus, From chocolate filled buns to petits pains au chocolat, there are a variety of ways to enhance your menu with chocolatey delights.

Cream-filled buns

For decades, cream-filled buns have been an Australian favourite in bakeries across the country. As the dairy industry continues to flourish in Australia, bakers are continuing to find ways to creatively incorporate creams and icings into their bakery sweets From classic cream buns with a dollop of jam to cream cheese and chocolate stuffed buns, there are a variety of ways you can incorporate this Australian favourite into your menu.  

Create your own filled buns with Suprima frozen dough

With Suprima frozen dough, crafting your own filled bun creation is much less hassle. Whether you’re looking to replicate the meat pie or add the classic cream bun to your menu, incorporating a filled bun that’s on trend with what Australians are eating today is a perfect way to spice up your bakery.

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