Bakery Competition Ideas

The tips we provide in this blog will help give your customers a memorable experience, get people talking about your bakery and help you grow your customer base.

Bakery Competition: Promote & Market Your Bakery

Are you looking for ways to get your bakery to rise above the competition?

Do you want people buzzing about your bread and flooding through your bakery doors?

One way to engage your local community and get people talking about your bakery is with a few bakery competitions – or at least a baker’s dozen of them!

If you don’t want to see any more customers roll past your doors then you knead to try some of these fun bakery competition ideas.

The tips we provide in this blog will help give your customers a memorable experience, get people talking about your bakery and help you grow your customer base.

Keep reading to find out more!

Ideas for Your Bakery

A well-baked competition has the potential to create a lot of buzz around your bakery, which is ideal for boosting your customer count and increasing brand awareness.

Fun bakery competitions can get your customers talking about your bakery on social media, which may lead to scores of free publicity.

If you are searching for ways to boost sales and attract new customers to your bakery, consider some of these bakery competitions.

Photo sharing competition on social media


Holding regular photo-sharing competitions is a great way to get your customers talking about your bakery and products on social media.

An easy idea is to have a photo of the week or month and entice your customers with free products.

Sandwich Contest


From a steak sandwich to using leftover ham or turkey, there is no limit on what people can put inside two pieces of bread. They are only limited by their own creativity, taste buds and whatever they have in their pantry and fridge.

Sandwiches are delicious, a lunchtime favourite and a great competition idea for your bakery.

Instead of taste-testing sandwiches, you can get customers to enter online by sharing a photo of their sandwich creation. As for a prize for the winner, you can give away some bread, have their sandwich creation feature as a menu item or give them a voucher to spend at your bakery.

Staff bake-off


While you might not be able to hold a televised event or host a baking competition for people to watch, you can get customers to vote on their favourite baker.

This is another great way to get both your bakery and your customers active on social media and your website.

Get your bakers to bake the same bakery products and for your customers to vote on who the best baker is. An easy way to do this is by creating a poll using Facebook.

While there might not be any prize for the baker, we are sure being named the best baker is sweet enough!

Baking competition between local competitor bakeries


If you want to take your competitive spirits and baking talents to the next level, your bakery could also bake off against other local bakeries.

Perfect for local events, a bakery competition against competitor bakeries is a great way to reach new customers, gain potential media coverage and gloat when your bakery is crowned the obvious winner.

For a bakery competition, we recommend getting a panel of local celebrities to taste and judge your products. You can do this for a number of your products or as a one-off for seasonal items, such as hot cross buns.

Eating competition


An eating competition is a ridiculous, hilarious and completely entertaining bakery competition idea.

Whether you want to see people speed eat hotdogs, doughnuts, pies, bread rolls or cakes, an eating competition is guaranteed to get your bakery noticed.

Baking Competitions Your Bakery can Compete in

Your customers are not the only ones who can compete in fun bakery competitions, you can also put your baking skills to the test in some of Australia’s best and most prestigious bakery competitions.

The Baking Association Of Australia hosts many industry events, baking shows and bakery competitions throughout the year including:

  • Australia’s Best Pie And Pastie Competition
  • Excellence In Baking Awards
  • Australia’s Best Hot Cross Bun
  • Bake Skills Competition
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Fruitful Bakery Promotion Ideas

Regardless of whether you own a cafe, bakery, restaurant or bread shop, every business owner wants to maintain their strong customer base, while also find ways to attract new ones.

A few of the best ways you can boost sales at your bakery and attract more customers include:

  • Have a loyalty card program
  • Create a seasonal or special star product
  • Invest in a website with online ordering capabilities

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