Bread Production in Australia

We’ve taken the main trends from the Bakery Product Manufacturing in Australia Market Research Report and summarised them in the article below.

Find out more about the bread industry in Australia

It’s often important to step back and see what is happening in our industry, with fresh eyes. The bread production and manufacturing industry in Australia is very diverse, with new trends emerging. From the growing demand for artisanal bread products, to the wholesale use of frozen dough and in store supermarket bakeries, we think the industry is rising to the occasion.

We’ve taken the main trends from the Bakery Product Manufacturing in Australia Market Research Report and summarised them in the article below.

Read on to learn more about bread production in Australia and why you should consider Suprima Bakeries as your wholesale bread manufacturer.

Bakers and Manufacturers

The industry can be broken up into two main components.

First, there are the bakers who bake and sell bread and other bakery products, such as cakes, scrolls, and muffins from the same location.

The second component are the larger manufacturers who bake bread or make frozen dough in large factories.

According to IBIS, there are over 4,000 bakery product manufacturers in Australia as of 2022. Some of these manufacturers are capable of scaling their production to supply supermarkets and food chains with products such as frozen dough, allowing for a cost effective and competitive product for consumers to buy. Other suppliers operate more locally and can cater to local consumer demand for artisanal products.

Key manufacturing stats (IBIS):
  • Market Size: $3bn
  • Bread Production in Australia Market Size Growth in 2022: 3.5%
  • Number of Businesses: 4,752
  • Industry Employment: 43,149

Growth Opportunities

The bread manufacturing industry in Australia is growing at an annual rate of 3.5%. A growing proportion of product sales are going to the food service sector with products such as frozen bread dough and par-baker breads providing excellent opportunities for growth.

Over the coming years, the report predicted growth in areas such as premium and artisanal breads, which often have attractive margins. The consumer trend for this style of bread and bread product means that you need to adjust your product mixes to reflect this consumer demand.

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This range consists of:

If you are a caterer, restaurant, hotel, cafe, supermarket or bakery who wants to capitalise on this expanding market sector’s accessibility while growing your own business, perhaps it’s time to look at your bread production process and switch to partnering with a manufacturer.

Why not try a bakery manufacturer?

In order to reduce your labour costs, streamline your supply chains and increase efficiency, why not consider switching (at least in part) to frozen dough for your bakery or cafe?

Given that the production of bread is quite a labour intensive process, wages and bread supply purchases probably make up the majority of your revenue costs.

The Suprima frozen dough facility in Western Sydney is a highly automated and efficient processing plant that is capable of producing 34,000 frozen dough pieces per hour. Plus the frozen warehouse has the capacity for 8,000 pallets. Using state of the art technology and equipment from Europe and Japan, Suprima has the scale to meet your needs.

The benefits of switching to using a frozen dough manufacturer, such as Suprima Bakeries, include:

  • Higher quality bakery products compared to scratch baking, keeping a fuller flavour, texture and aroma.
  • Reduced workload and man hours – saving up to 90 mins per day from mixing and resting doughs compared to making it from scratch.
  • Produce more products in a shorter time without wasting time mixing different types of dough.
  • Less wastage – use only what is required for that day with no minimum baking quantity required.
  • Consistent quality of base dough, reducing reliance on skilled bakers.
  • Customisation with desired ingredients, shape, weight and toppings/inclusions based on your local market and differentiate from competitors.
  • Reduced time in research & development and an increased capacity for a faster launch of new products.
  • More opportunities to introduce a greater product offering with flexible uses for frozen dough.

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