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Frozen dough technology was implemented in the 1970s to help pave the way for the spread of in-store retail bakers who did not have the time or resources to process and bake dough from scratch. Since the 70s, the development of improver technology and increased research efforts have improved the quality of frozen dough ten-fold. […]

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The baking business has its fair share of challenges including developing an effective business plan, hiring qualified staff members and pricing all your baked goods. But one challenge in particular stands out amongst the rest – picking your products and developing your recipes. Some bakers have family recipes they wish to include on the menu, […]

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The coronavirus pandemic has changed the landscape for those who make a living from cooking and baking. In early March, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced the introduction of strict regulations when the pandemic was declared. This included the closure of all non-essential businesses. For cafes and other food-serving restaurants, takeaway service and home delivery […]

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