Cheese And Bacon Twist

Cheese and Bacon Twist – a winning flavour combo. Use Suprima frozen dough as a versatile base to create cheese and bacon savoury sensations. Read on for tips.

Cheese and Bacon – a Winning Flavour Combo

Cheese and bacon flavoured baked goods can be a great addition to your menu. It is a popular flavour combo around the world and a winning combo for customers. From cheese and bacon scrolls, to cheese and bacon muffins, pizza, scones, rolls and more, you are only limited by your imagination. Which is why you may want to consider adding this to your menu options.

There are many ways that you can use cheese and bacon flavour. Your customers will love the taste of this combination and they will come back for more!

The advantage of using Suprima frozen dough is that our dough products can be used as a versatile base that can be customised with cheese and bacon to create a savoury sensation.

Read on for our expert tips on how you can create a unique and creative bakery name.

Cheese and bacon flavour – the perfect match?

Why is cheese and bacon a winning flavour combo?

Cheese and bacon flavour is a combination that has been used for a long time. The history of this flavour is not very well-documented, but it is thought that the first use was in the 1800s.

And what’s not to like? Think about that smokey, bold bacon taste paired with a bitey cheddar cheese and you have a hit!

Cheese and bacon bakery products

Now take this classic pairing a step further and think about the wide range of different bread products you can customise with this magic. From a simple cheese and bacon roll (a fresh white roll that has been baked or grilled with a cheesy, bacon topping) to a more complex scroll with baked layers of cheese and bacon in every tasty bite.

There is no limit to the types of baked goods you can create with cheese and bacon as the star flavour. Consider the following:

  • Cheese and bacon twist
  • Cheese and bacon cob loaf
  • Cheese and bacon rolls
  • Cheese and bacon muffins
  • Cheese and bacon scrolls
  • Cheese and ham scrolls
  • Cheese and bacon pizza
  • Cheese and bacon scones

All of these menu items can be created with Suprima’s frozen dough as the perfect base.

How to…

How to make cheese and bacon twists

The cheese and bacon twist (or scroll) is a delicious treat that is perfect for snacking on. They are made using a customisable scroll dough base, filled with cheese and bacon, rolled or twisted up and then baked until golden brown. You simply add cheese and bacon to our savoury scroll dough before baking.

The scrolls are very easy to make and don’t require any special skills.

What about a cheese and bacon cob roll?

The cheese! The bacon! Combine that with a fresh baked cob loaf (or any loaf of bread for that matter) and you get cheesy goodness at its best.This is sure to be a crowd pleaser.

This cob loaf is easy and adaptable, so you can stick to the main Suprima bread dough base and create any variation ideas that suit. Simply bake the bread as you normally would (we can provide you with the method sheet on how to do this) and then prepare the filling and bake the assembled cob loaf again, according to the recipe you are following.

Cheese and bacon pizza

You can customise a Suprima pizza dough base to make a cheese and bacon pizza. Our pizza dough bases were designed to be used as a customisable base for all your delicious menu items. The pizza dough comes in two different size variations as well as an artisan sourdough base so that you have options on size, flavour and of course the toppings.

View our range of customisable frozen pizza dough bases here.


Why Choose Suprima?

Suprima is your local manufacturer of high quality dough products. We work with supermarkets, wholesalers, bakeries, and small businesses across the country. Our range includes loaves, rolls, innovative filled products, pizza dough, scrolls and more.

Many of our frozen dough products can be used as a versatile base that can be customised however you like, including with cheese and bacon flavours.

Our aim is to take the hard work out of baking, by providing you a range of high quality doughs.Save time, money and effort by switching to Suprima frozen dough today.

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