Five Must-Have Products in Your Bakery Range

We’ve put together a list of five must-have products to add to your bakery range, which includes sweet and savoury scrolls, flatbreads, sourdough, and a range of bread loaves.
Must Have Bakery products

The baking business has its fair share of challenges including developing an effective business plan, hiring qualified staff members and pricing all your baked goods. But one challenge in particular stands out amongst the rest – picking your products and developing your recipes.

Some bakers have family recipes they wish to include on the menu, while others rely on testing and experimenting with different ingredients to develop delicious products. Either way, finding the perfect baked goods to enhance your bakery’s menu is crucial in running a successful business.

We’ve put together a list of five must-have products to add to your bakery range.

1. Scrolls

As the need for convenience food continues to grow, scrolls are becoming a popular treat, especially for those searching for quick breakfast or lunch meal ideas in a pinch. The beauty of the scroll is its versatility. Sweet or savoury, the options are endless, giving your bakery the ability to customise a creation that will appeal to your customers.

2. Flatbreads

Flatbread has become a real game changer in the baking industry, quickly gaining popularity for its adaptability. Originating from Egypt, flatbreads have quickly become an Australian favourite and can be used to create delicious pizzas with a range of toppings or mouthwatering wraps stuffed with ingredients of your choice. Selling flatbreads in your bakery not only allows you to customise the product on-site, but also gives your customers the chance to use flatbread to develop their own delicious creations at home.

3. Sourdough

If you run a bakery, having a distinctive and easy bread to sell to customers is crucial. While you will have some custom-made treats and goodies in- house, having a freshly baked and delicious bread loaf for customers to take home is valuable. Sourdough is quite popular amongst Australian and can be modified in a number of ways, such as whole grain, a healthier take on the digestive assisting sourdough bread.

4. Soft rolls

Flakey, buttery and delicious, dinner rolls and long rolls are a crowd favourite. Having delicious soft rolls in your bakery that can be used for a variety of meals can appeal to a larger customer base. Pairing with pretty much any meal, from beef stew to a hot chicken, soft rolls are a quick and easy way to add carbohydrates to any dish.

5. Bread loaves

While sourdough is a popular favourite, it isn’t the only bread loaf option out there. Stocking a variety of delicious bread loaves in your bakery gives customers more options. From German rye to white vienna, a broader range gives customers the opportunity to switch it up and purchase a range of products throughout the week.

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