Food Photography Tips

In this guide, we'll explore essential food photography tips to help you take stunning photographs that leave customers craving for more.
food photography tips

How to Taking Irresistible Photos for Your Bakery or Cafe Business

In today’s digital world, the power and influence that amazing food photography has on customer behaviour can’t be underestimated. Capturing the delectable treats your bakery offers through mouth watering images can significantly enhance your brand’s appeal and drive customer engagement.

Whether you’re posting on social media, updating your website, or creating marketing materials, mastering the art of food photography can make a world of difference for your business.

In this guide, we’ll explore essential food photography tips to help you take stunning photographs that leave customers craving for more.

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Lighting is Key

The foundation of any great photograph is proper lighting. Natural light is your best friend when it comes to food photography.

  • Choose a well-lit spot near a window or set up your shooting area outdoors.
  • Avoid harsh midday sun and instead, opt for diffused light on cloudy days or during the early morning or late afternoon hours.
  • Diffused light softens shadows and highlights the textures and colours of your baked goods beautifully.

You don’t need to go and purchase expensive photography and lighting equipment. Instead, the Iphones that we carry have more than enough photographic quality to produce great images.

Create a Stylish Background

Select a background that complements your bakery’s aesthetic and the baked goods you’re photographing.

A rustic wooden table, a marble countertop, or even a simple clean surface can work wonders.

Remember, the background should enhance the visual appeal of your treats without overpowering them.

Take a look at the background used in this dough photo.

food photography background

Here a wooden table top is used as the background and showcases fresh dough with a sprinkling of flour. It looks enticing, hand made and high quality. You can use this same approach to showcase your baking process in a ‘behind the scenes’ type of shot.

If you are doing cafe food photography, why not use one of your cafe benches or tables to shoot on? Not only will it add to your overall brand, your customers may also recognise the look as synonymous with your cafe.

Utilise Props Wisely

Props can enhance the story your photographs tell. Think about using items like vintage plates, utensils, napkins, or fresh ingredients related to the baked goods. However, keep it minimal – too many props can clutter the composition and take away from the main focus: your delectable treats.

Focus on Composition

Compose your shots carefully to highlight the best features of your baked goods.

Use the rule of thirds as a guide:

  • Imagine your frame is divided into nine equal parts
  • Place the key elements at the intersections or along the lines for a balanced and visually appealing composition.
  • Experiment with angles – overhead shots are great for flat treats like cookies and pastries, while a slight angle can add depth to layered cakes and bread.

Highlight Textures and Details

Your bakery’s creations are not only delicious but also visually appealing due to their textures and details.

Capture the gooey chocolate oozing from an Indulgent Chocolate Scroll, or the contrast between the crunchy top and soft, aromatic centre of a freshly baked artisan sourdough loaf.

Get up close and personal to showcase these details, making your audience feel as though they can almost taste the treat through the screen.

suprima frozen dough

This shot uses wooden boards and crates to create that rustic, artisanal look and feel. We also use a dark coloured background and soften the mood with a chocolate coloured table cloth, adding layers of texture. This photo really conveys that fresh baked and artisan feel, which is exactly what you get when you bake fresh with Suprima’s dough range.

Check out our range of bread doughs here and take a look at our artisan doughs here.

Maintain Consistency

Developing a consistent style in your food photography helps build a recognisable brand identity. This consistency can extend to factors like lighting, background, colours, and overall mood. When customers see your photos, they should immediately associate them with your bakery.

Tips on maintaining brand consistency include:

  • Focus on a main colour such as the colour of your logo or shop front.
  • Use consistent textures, such as cloth backgrounds for a rustic brand, or marble benchtops for a more refined look.
  • If you’re a fine dining restaurant, you may prefer darker shots that convey opulence and exclusivity.
  • If you’re a funky cafe, you may want to focus on great lighting or quirky angles to capture the look and feel you desire.

Check out Pinterest for inspiration on food photography tips and consistency here.

You can also take a look at our Instagram page where we use  consistent brand styles, colours and fonts to create a cohesive and appealing collection of posts.

suprima instagram

Showcase Variety

Display the diversity of your bakery offerings through your creative photographs. Capture different types of baked goods, from German Rye Vienna and Cinnamon Scrolls to Hot Cross Buns and focaccias. This variety not only entices customers to explore your range but also provides them with a sense of your bakery’s expertise.

And when it comes to variety, our premade dough range can be customised into a wide range of baked goods that your customers will love.

Our premade dough range can transform into almost anything, so you can extend your menu with a great range of instagrammable products that your customers will love to photograph!

Incorporate Lifestyle Shots

Lifestyle shots can bring your bakery’s story to life. Lifestyle shots help to keep it real. Rather than using generic stock photos, take your own photography of customers enjoying your products.

Capture candid moments of people enjoying your treats – whether it’s a child biting into a cupcake or friends sharing a pastry over coffee. These shots help create an emotional connection and give potential customers a glimpse into the experience your bakery offers.

It’s just another way to help with your creative food photography.

lifestyle shots

Food Photography – Let’s Get Baking

Mastering the art of food photography is a valuable skill for any bakery business owner.

These tips, from working with the power of natural light to incorporating props and showcasing variety, will help you capture the essence of your menu items.

With enticing food photography, you can effectively engage your audience, create a strong brand identity, and leave potential customers wanting to come back for more. So, grab your camera, set up your bakery’s finest creations, and start capturing deliciousness one shot at a time.

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