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Ordermentum App to Order Frozen Dough

Ordermentum: The New and Easy Way to Order Your Frozen Dough

At Suprima Bakeries, our frozen dough is designed to be a quick and easy solution to all your baking needs. Our premium yet affordable frozen dough helps to save you time and money, while our Dough on Demand program delivers all of our frozen dough products right to your doorstep.

We want to make the process of ordering our frozen dough products as easy and efficient as possible – that’s why we are now partnering with the on-line ordering platform – Ordermentum!

Download and sign up on Ordermentum now to place a quick frozen dough order with Suprima Bakeries.

Need help ordering frozen dough?

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Ordering Made Easy And Accessible

Ordermentum sports a user-friendly interface with its mobile format and straightforward navigation. Products are displayed on a simple visual catalogue and you can purchase and adjust product quantities with only a few easy taps on a screen.

By logging into Ordermentum (via the app or your computer), you will be the first to know any time Suprima offers limited promotions or special deals, and whenever we release a brand new product! Prices are also listed transparently on Ordermentum to make ordering with us that much simpler and streamlined.

Do I Have To Download An App To Use Ordermentum?

No. Ordermentum is a web based solution meaning it can be used on any device that can connect to the Internet – smartphone, tablet or computer.

24/7 Facilities

If you are in a hurry to place an order and cannot contact us with an email or phone call during our normal working hours, Ordermentum will help you out. The Ordermentum platform is running 24/7, meaning you can place your frozen dough orders with us whenever you’d like!

You can also schedule your frozen dough orders through the Ordermentum (as recurring) so that you do not have to maintain real-time communication with us. Instead, you will receive a text reminder whenever your order is due and notifications based on your standing orders.

Online Transactions And Record Keeping

To help you on the business administration side of things, Ordermentum will also keep an online track record of your purchases, including details such as quantity, price and dates. Ordermentum generates digital invoices and printable delivery receipts to eliminate manual data entry and help you with your bakery’s accounting duties.

How to Order on Ordermentum

Ordering with us on Ordermentum is a simple process.

Step 1

Create an account with your contact details – including your phone number – and payment preferences.

Step 2

Search for Suprima Bakeries to find our frozen dough product line. Suprima have selected a range of products to cover most of your bread needs, including jumbo rolls, crusty rolls, viennas, french sticks, sweet and savoury scrolls.

Step 3

Select the frozen dough you would like to purchase and adjust the quantity according to your bakery’s needs. Our frozen dough products are sold in cartons, with a different number of units per carton depending on the size, weight and shape of our dough.

Step 4

Tap on the shopping cart and make your payment using a credit card or debit card (you will be charged instantly)

Step 5

Sit back and wait for your frozen dough to be delivered straight to your doorstep! You can also schedule a time for your delivery in the case that you have a specific time frame for when you’d like to receive and prepare our frozen dough.

We have a low minimum order quantity to ensure we keep your freezer full with the freshest products and our technical representatives deliver to your door all across Sydney once a week.

4 Simple Steps to Get Your Dough

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Signing up with Ordermentum Today

Signing up with Ordermentum allows you to browse our range, place an order and pay for it easily using your credit card, debit card or EFT. Get in touch with us to find out when our team is in your area next

So what are you waiting for? Sign up for Ordermentum here and start shopping for our wide range of frozen dough now! Register with our Dough on Demand program and your frozen dough will be delivered to your doorstep as soon as possible!

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