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Bakery survey: what are the most popular baked goods in Australia? Australia's favourite bakery hero has been revealed in an exclusive survey...

Bakery Survey: What are the Most Popular Baked Goods in Australia?

Understanding your customers and their needs is an incredibly important part of running a successful bakery. Not only does understanding your target demographic help you attract more customers, it also helps you retain them as well.

When it comes to learning more about your customers and their needs, the first thing you should figure out is their preferences for baked goods. Knowing what products will be an instant hit among your customers will make sure you increase the sales of your bakery.

Australia’s favourite bakery hero has been revealed in an exclusive survey…

Popular baked goods…and the winner is

The vanilla slice!

According to an exclusive reader survey conducted by Nine, 26% of Aussie bakery visitors enjoy vanilla slices – otherwise called ‘snot blocks’ (we know, not very endearing) – as their favourite.

A relatively simple yet flavourful and rich bakery item, it may be time to consider baking these vanilla slices (or other variations) and selling them at them at your bakery if you aren’t already. With these statistics in mind, potentially 1 in 4 of your customers will purchase one!

You can even customise your own vanilla slices with creamy fillings and glazed toppings or replace the traditional biscuits with your baked pastries.

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What baked goods come next?

What baked goods come next?

Although the most popular, the vanilla slice is not the only baked good Aussies enjoy. The Nine survey also released a few more interesting statistics about the next most popular baked goods. These include:

Judging from these results, it seems that Australians enjoy a wide range of tasty treats, with hot cross buns also making the ‘other’ popular section. With so many popular bakery items and pastries wanted on the market, it might be time to start incorporating them into your bakery menu.

How can I increase sales in my bakery?

Why not offer your customers the delicious and popular Margherita Scroll? You can increase your bakery sales by taking some of the hard work out of the equation and switching to using premade dough. Quality frozen dough saves you time and money.

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