Pre Made Dough

Buy pre made dough and bake amazing-quality products that your customers will love, all without the extra time, effort and cost.

We make the dough from scratch so you can enjoy baking amazing-quality products that your customers love, all without the extra time, effort and cost

Introducing the Suprima Bakeries pre made dough range: we’ve created a range of fantastic bread doughs on par with the latest artisan trends and flavours. Our pre made dough range is versatile and easy to customise into a wide range of baked goods that your customers will love. We offer you a wide variety of pre made bread doughs, rolls, buns and scroll doughs.

If you are a baker, cafe owner or restaurateur, you can still offer your customers freshly baked breads, while utilising the efficiency of our pre made dough base.

Grow your business and save time, money and effort with our range of pre made dough products. View the full range below.

What Are The Benefits Of Suprima’s Dough Range?

  • Offer a complete range of premade dough products that includes freshly baked breads, rolls, scrolls, buns and more!
  • Bake fresh for a fuller flavour, texture and aroma.
  • Add to your own skills and enhance your creativity by trialling new products or seasonal variations.
  • Delegate the baking process to your team members, saving you time and money.
  • Less wastage – use only what is required for that day with no minimum baking quantity required.
  • Customisation with desired ingredients, shape, weight and toppings/inclusions based on your local market and differentiate from competitors.
  • Reduced time in research & development and an increased capacity for a faster launch of new products.
  • Focus on creating hero products that your customers will love e.g. decadent chocolate scrolls, salted caramel and chocolate coated donuts, artisan sourdough breads.
  • Create instagrammable moments that your customers will snap and post to social media.
  • Whether you want to bake artisan breads, sweet scrolls or bake at scale across multiple sites, it all starts with dough.
  • Partner with Suprima Bakeries as your Australian wholesale baking partner and grow your business.

About Us

We’re Australian bakers, just like you. Our team of bakers, food scientists and R&D specialists are passionate about making quality products that you and your team bake fresh.

We’re leaders in sourcing high quality ingredients at competitive prices, and are certified to SQF standards to provide you with the assurance and confidence that you’re getting the best products possible.

The Suprima plant is capable of producing 34,000 premade dough pieces per hour, plus an on-site frozen warehouse for 8,000 pallets.

We work with quick service restaurants, supermarkets, local bakeries, cafe owners and other food businesses across the country.

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Let’s save your bakery or food business time and money by using our range of convenient and versatile doughs that you bake fresh. Contact the team at Suprima Bakeries today.

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