Ready. Get Set. Go – Research Shows Consumers Want Convenience Food

Independent cafes and bakeries are on the rise, providing ultimate convenience for the workforce when it comes to grabbing a quick pick me up in the morning.

The 21st century has introduced to the world a variety of new-age phenomenons. From fast-paced, big city living to over-the-top technological advances, society is on the upswing and embracing the popularity of a dynamic and energetic lifestyle. However, these adjustments beg the question: what does this mean for the food industry?

Convenience food is on the rise

Research shows that convenience is a huge factor when deciding what and where to eat. Whether it means grabbing something quick at the drive-through on your way home from the office or picking up take away after clocking in a few hours of overtime on site, having a variety of options to choose from when you’re hungry after a long day of work takes the headache out of preparing, cooking and serving dinner.

But what about in the morning? A study performed by YouGov shows that the majority of respondents (56%) spend between 11 and 30 minutes getting ready in the morning before leaving their home. This means that most people barely have time to brush their hair before rushing out the door, giving them a very limited time frame to prepare and eat breakfast. While people may lack time at home in the morning, this does not necessarily indicate they are skipping breakfast, coined ‘the most important meal of the day’.

Cafes and bakeries are a popular morning destination for working class millennials

Independent cafes and bakeries are on the rise, providing ultimate convenience for the workforce when it comes to grabbing a quick pick me up in the morning. From lattes to cappuccinos, it’s no secret that Australians can’t resist a good coffee in the AM. On a usual weekday, studies show Gen Z, X and Y consumers are anywhere from 61-36% more likely to purchase a coffee from a cafe or bakery. With that potential comes the possibility for purchase of quick, accessible bite to eat as well.

Equipped with freshly baked goods and espresso machines, bakeries provide an immediate and simple option for consumers to get both a coffee and a delicious baked treat to start off their morning. While the simple bread and jam is a popular choice, spicing up the menu and adding a variety of delicious options that can be consumed on the go is a must in order to keep up with competitors.

Why you should add cinnamon scrolls to your menu

Consumers these days are very cognisant of exactly what ingredients are present in the food they eat. People want to indulge in meals that are made from premium flavours, supplied by trustworthy sources and free from GMOs and preservatives. At Suprima, our frozen dough offers all the above, made from locally sourced ingredients and flour from Provenance, NSW.

Operating a bakery or cafe can be a demanding and challenging ordeal and while introducing additional product offerings can help increase revenue, it can also be time consuming and expensive. Our frozen dough is consistent in quality and trusted by bakers across the country and with Suprima’s help, you can introduce an entirely new product offering to interested patrons, without breaking the bank. For more information on how you can add cinnamon scrolls and other delicious unique products and treats to your bakeries menu, contact our team of friendly bakers or give us a call at 02 8796 9300.

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