Restaurants are Embracing the Hamburger Bun and all its Goodness

Sweat buns and breads aren’t just eaten here in Australia, they’re popular all across the world too. Whether it’s pan de coco, brioche, conchas, cinnamon buns or anything else, you’ll be pleased to know that people far and wide are getting their fill. Find out more about the most coveted sweet buns and breads with […]
What are hamburger buns made of

Made popular by fast food giant McDonald’s, the hamburger has since become an iconic menu item for restaurants, diners and cafes. Greasy, grilled and overall indulgent – as an international phenomenon, it’s no surprise the hamburger has received some serious media backlash regarding potential health claims.

With more and more food chains making strides to encourage a healthier lifestyle, where does the hamburger stand and more pointedly, the hamburger bun?

While hamburger buns contain substantial amounts of sodium, sugars and carbohydrates the bulk of calorie intake that comes from eating a burger is from all the other stuff. The patty, cheese, condiments and additional toppings can sometimes weigh in at as much as 800 calories before even slapping it all between a bun, which in reality is only about 150 calories.

While many people are switching to more untraditional ways of indulging in the greasy burger, a lettuce bun just your cravings the same way. There are plenty of ways to make a burger healthy, but sacrificing the bun isn’t one of them.

What are hamburger buns made of?

Simple in complexion, the hamburger bun is made with few ingredients. This short list includes flour, water, yeast, sugar, salt and oil. The most
common hamburger bun is the classic plain, but the days of this being the only option are behind us.

These days, the ingredients in a hamburger bun can be just about anything. As burgers become more popular, restaurants are becoming more creative in ways to package the pub classic. From plain and sesame seeded to brioche and even charcoal buns, the options are endless.

With so much variety, how do you keep consumers happy?

All this variety however creates adversity for restaurants and bakeries when it comes to keeping up with. While providing customers with endless options to delight even the strangest hankerings, it may not be economically advantageous to stock up your shop with every kind of bun under the sun. So how do you keep up with the competition?

Preparing and making dough each day to bake fresh buns can result in pricey labour costs, expensive ingredients and the need to find quality staff readily available in the early hours of the morning to get baking. This is virtually impossible for many small businesses.

Then there’s the option to purchase pre-baked buns. However these are equipped with an incredibly short shelf life, likely to stale within a day. And freezing buns that are already baked results in a product that is far from fresh.

But with frozen dough, things become a little simpler. With Suprima, you can purchase high quality frozen raw dough which can be used to create and design amazing products, including hamburger buns.

As one of Australia’s largest frozen dough producers, Suprima has experience helping bakeries and small businesses develop products that are both delicious and affordable. Bake the best hamburger buns for a fraction of the cost.

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