Sourdough Benefits a Must in Your Bakery

Selling sourdough options in your bakery can elevate your business

Sourdough: Why it’s a Must in Your Bakery

So, what is sourdough? Good question. It’s a naturally leavened bread, which means it sometimes uses a ‘starter’ rather than a commercial yeast to help it rise (although not always yeast-free). Well, what’s a ‘starter’? A ‘starter’ consists of a fermented flour and water mixture that contains wild yeast and good bacteria. Wild yeast is jam packed full of flavour and is the element that gives sourdough that distinct tangy taste that it is known so well for. Read on to find out more.

Health Benefits of Eating Sourdough

Consumers are very quickly learning and gaining an understanding about the importance of gut health for their general wellbeing. Eating sourdough because it is absolutely delicious is no longer the only reason people make the choice. In fact, more and more consumers are looking to find out why sourdough is good for them.

During the fermentation process that the sourdough ‘starter’ goes through, it releases all kinds of good stuff for your gut. Nutrients like zinc, magnesium, iron, antioxidants, folic acid and B vitamins are all found in sourdough, and because they occur naturally, it means they are easily digestible for our stomachs. Sourdough benefits are endless when it comes to your customers’ gut health.

Sourdough is Trending

There have been all types of trends during COVID 19 that have brought people into the kitchen to make things they would normally buy from a shop. From banana bread to pickling vegetables, we have seen just about everything!But our favourite (of course) is the sourdough making trend. We even wrote a beginners guide to sourdough for all those bread lovers out there looking up ‘how to make sourdough from scratch’.

With sourdough in the spotlight and life slowly returning to some kind of new normal, we are seeing people go back to the routines they are used to. Being bakers, we know this means less time for making sourdough at home, yet more customers are looking to purchase it now they have a taste for it.

Selling Sourdough

Not only is sourdough a great source of nutrition, it adds a point of difference to what you may already be offering at your store. Selling sourdough options in your bakery can elevate your business by having an inclusion of a ‘health conscious’ line. This could potentially open up a whole new cross section clientele you didn’t even know you could have!

At Suprima, we have some very popular artisan frozen sourdoughs in various flavours and perfect sizes, as well as easy to bake in three simple steps. We understand that keeping the sourdough culture alive is important to most bakers, however it is an often difficult task due to the complicated baking process and high costs.

As a result, to help bakers and restaurant owners continue to sell sourdough as part of their menu, we have made sure to perfect our frozen dough recipes so that they can be a fitting alternative. If you’re looking for wholesale bakery or frozen food suppliers, our products do the hard work and deliver amazing ready-to-be-baked frozen dough right to your doorstep.

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