Suprima’s Cold Storage Freezer Solutions: A Simple (But Complete) Guide

Here we have outlined the freezer systems we used on a daily basis in our warehouse that keeps the logistics of our business running smoothly.

Producing a great frozen dough goes way beyond the scientific advances in ingredients for the recipe. After the dough is processed by Suprima’s Japanese designed autonomous production line and formed into the product that is delivered to you, we need to keep it somewhere safe and temperature controlled.

Here we have outlined the freezer systems we used on a daily basis in our warehouse that keeps the logistics of our business running smoothly.

Automatic Storage and Retrieval System

Commonly known as an ASAR System this is essentially a large automated freezer that stores all the Suprima’s frozen dough and keeps it under strict temperature control before it is packed up and distributed to our clients.

An average day in our warehouse is pretty chilly! With an average running temperature of -25C, this automated system is very valuable when it comes to making sure our products are kept at their best before they get to you.

There are three important elements that make large automated freezer solutions much more efficient than your average fridge.

  • Our freezer is controlled by intricate high tech software.
  • We have one crane dedicated to each aisle which means we pick pallets in the most efficient way possible.
  • Each pallet has its own unique identifier, so we always know exactly where every pallet is.

Advanced Warehouse Management System & EDI Interface Solutions

Our high tech Advanced WMS and EDI Interface Solutions aid in Suprima’s cold storage freezer efficiency. It secures our ability to move stock in and out of the freezer with minimal keystrokes. This means that we can safely and effectively unload and load trucks making the whole process a lot faster.

Thanks to the technology running the facility, the loading area can handle up to 1,000 pallet movements per day with just two forklifts operating at the same time. If that’s not impressive then we don’t know what is!

Strong & Knowledgeable Team

A good business person knows that they are nothing without a strong team that knows how to work together. All team members have a responsibility in ensuring absolute top quality in our bakery.

As a team we regularly set quality objectives and strive to exceed them to raise the level of quality in our products. We have qualified bakers in various roles through the business. Our Quality Manager is degree qualified in Food Science and holds other certifications relevant to food quality. We understand that to make the best dough for our customers, we must have the best people on our front line.

If you’re looking for wholesale bakery or frozen food suppliers and more, our products do the hard work and deliver amazing ready-to-be-baked frozen dough right to your doorstep.

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