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The Benefits of Frozen Dough

Frozen dough technology was implemented in the 1970s to help pave the way for the spread of in-store retail bakers who did not have the time or resources to process and bake dough from scratch. Since the 70s, the development of improver technology and increased research efforts have improved the quality of frozen dough ten-fold. While frozen dough sometimes gets a bad rap, from lack of freshness to freezer burn, this is simply not the case if it is prepared correctly. 

For bakeries, cafes and even supermarkets, frozen dough is an incredibly viable option. Not only does it carry the same great taste as freshly made dough, but it can also make a real difference for businesses when it comes to capacity, consistency, quality and expenses. For some, mixing and baking housemade dough each day isn’t efficient at all.

Save money with frozen dough

Owning and operating a bakery can be costly. On top of all the operational costs, developing your own unique dough recipe may be extremely challenging. 

Making dough from scratch not only involves a range of ingredients, but also requires an experienced in-house baker. Due to their expertise, a baker could cost a business anywhere from $50,000 to $100,000 a year, depending on their experience in the industry. Baking equipment can also be costly, with commercial mixers and additional equipment costing you thousands of dollars.     

Typically, bakery owners can expect to spend 25% on ingredients, 35% on labour and 30% for overhead and 10% profit. However, some of these expenses can be completely eliminated with the introduction of frozen dough.

Spend more time focusing on other aspects of your bakery

Making dough from scratch takes a considerable amount of time to perfect. Mixing and experimenting is always required to make a recipe you will be happy to sell in your shop, which can take anywhere from a few days to a couple months depending on the complexity of the formulation

Once you’ve created a recipe you are happy to share, the actual prep time can take several hours. This typically involves the combining of ingredients. It can also be difficult to keep the recipe consistent with every mix, jeopardising the quality of your product. Once the dough is properly mixed, scaling is required and then you must leave the dough to rest. 

All in all, frozen dough can save your business anywhere from one hour to three depending on the recipe. It can also ensure consistent quality and taste every time. While the proofing and baking processes are the same, the preparation of dough from scratch is completely eliminated with frozen alternatives.

Easy and simple to use

Bread is a complex and dynamic biological active system, which means frozen dough must remain viable and active. That’s why all Suprima frozen dough products are frozen immediately to ensure freshness and can be delivered straight to your bakery. All you have to do is thaw, proof and bake. View our shop page here.

Introduce frozen dough to your bakery 

Frozen dough can make a real difference in the operation of your bakery, especially during these uncertain times. From cutting costs to saving time, it is a great solution for bakeries looking to minimise spend or add new items to their menus without breaking the bank. 

All our frozen dough products can be customised to develop your very own and unique delicious creations. 

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