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Top 5 Breakfast Ideas That Customers Love

It’s no secret that Aussies take their breakfast and brunch orders seriously, so as a switched on café, you’ll want to ensure that whatever goes out on the plate (or gets sent for delivery) lives up to expectation. Check out these 5 breakfast ideas that are delicious and super easy to prepare. 

  • Sweet scrolls

Sweet scrolls are hard to beat and it’s easy to see why. With a soft, fluffy bun, frosted icing and plenty of inclusions, they make for a great way to start the day. These tasty treats are loved by customers and can easily catch the eye of anyone wandering by an enticing display. The good news is that it’s never been easier to prepare scrumptious sweet scrolls in a variety of flavours, thanks to the scroll range from Suprima. Simply thaw, proof and bake – then add exciting ingredients to really bring things to life. Whether it’s apple and cinnamon or custard and apricot, your customers will be more than impressed.  

  • Avocado on toast

Everyone loves a soft and creamy avocado, but they can’t just be eaten on their own. When mashed and served on a perfectly toasted piece of bread, guests won’t be able to resist and they’ll be treated to a wonderful crunch with each bite. You’ll be glad to know that with Suprima’s sourdough you can quickly bake warm and aromatic bread that’s ready to go at a moment’s notice.   

  • Breakfast burger

A café menu wouldn’t be complete without a breakfast burger, so rest assured that this hearty classic ticks all the right boxes. Think a succulent beef patty, a fried egg, sliced tomato and lettuce plus a rasher or two of bacon. Did we mention the secret sauce? And don’t forget the gourmet bun that brings everything together. Our rolls are perfect for this recipe.     

  • French toast

French toast is the perfect temptation to lure customers into your shop. We recommend making an extra thick batter of egg, milk, cinnamon and vanilla extract to really ramp up the flavour. Bonus points if you drizzle lots of maple syrup on top and use a slice of bread that’s thick and wholesome – just like this vienna bread dough.   

  • Eggs and bacon

Eggs and bacon is the classic café food that everyone considers when flicking through a menu, so it wouldn’t be right to leave it off this list. For our take on things, we’ve gone with fried eggs and thick cut bacon, along with a multigrain slice that’s both filling and healthy. To get that perfect crunch, try our multigrain vienna

Reduce preparation times with our frozen dough

If you run a café and want to upgrade your menu, then the Suprima range of frozen bread dough can make a world of difference. Our easy-to-use products help to lower preparation time and always produce great results. Reduce work behind the scenes and focus on having fun with your recipes instead. Contact our friendly team at 02 8796 9300 or send us an email at sales@suprima.com.au and we will be happy to assist you further.

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