Baking with Chocolate

Chocolate is a favourite ingredient in baking. It can be used to make cakes, cookies, brownies, scrolls and more.

The Ultimate Guide to Chocolate Scrolls and Chocolate

The chocolate scroll is a popular baked item that is made by rolling chocolate dough into a log, then slicing and baking it. They can be eaten plain or topped with a sauce.

Chocolate scrolls are similar to traditional breads in that they have a soft and doughy texture. The difference is that these are filled with chocolate, which makes them sweeter than most breads.

You have probably seen these delicious treats at your local bakery or cafe. Why not head down to your local and try them out?

Baking with chocolate

Chocolate is a favourite ingredient in baking. It can be used to make cakes, cookies, brownies, scrolls and more. Chocolate has many benefits when it comes to baking. For example, chocolate adds flavour and texture to baked goods. Plus, it adds moisture which makes these treats even more delicious!

The use of chocolate in cooking can also be found in other dishes besides desserts. Chocolate is often used as a sauce or marinade for meats and vegetables. It can also be blended with milk or cream for a hot cocoa drink!

bake with chocolateHistory of chocolate

  • The history of chocolate can be traced back to 1900 BC when it was first consumed by Mesoamericans, or the Aztecs.
  • The first documented use of chocolate was in the form of a drink. The Aztecs drank it as a ritual drink called xocolatl. It was made from cocoa beans, chilli pepper, vanilla, honey, and water.
  • The first Europeans to taste chocolate were Christopher Columbus and his crew when they arrived in what is now modern-day Haiti in 1502. They were given cocoa beans by the locals and thought that they were some kind of exotic fruit. When they tasted it, they found that it was bitter rather than sweet but still enjoyed drinking it with water or wine to make a hot drink called ‘chocolatl’.
  • It wasn’t until 1828 that Louis-Nicholas Van Houten invented a press that separated cocoa butter from cocoa solids, which created the modern form of chocolate we know today.

Health benefits of chocolate

Chocolate definitely has a rich history, but is it healthy? The health benefits of chocolate have been proven in the modern day and it can be used to help with many health issues. According to The National Library for Medicine, when it comes to cacao or chocolate, it is proven to stimulate the nervous system and also improves digestion.

You may also be excited to know that researchers have recently come out and said consuming chocolate for breakfast could have ‘unexpected benefits’ by helping you burn body fat.

How does this work? Chocolate may kickstart your metabolism, which gets your body burning fat, and may also help with reducing blood glucose levels. This can give you a potential boost into the day.

The health benefits of chocolate are not just limited to physical health but also mental health. People who are feeling depressed or stressed may find that they feel better after eating some chocolate because it releases endorphins into their body.

So, Chocolate Scrolls anyone?

Introducing Suprima’s Latest Delight – the Indulgent Chocolate Scroll Dough

Our Indulgent Chocolate Scroll dough is the perfect sweet treat to bake and serve at bakeries, cafes and restaurants. Rich, indulgent and topped with a chocolate ganache, your customers will be sure to love this new addition to your bakery.

Key ingredients in Suprima’s Chocolate Scroll Dough

Our chocolate scroll frozen dough features up to 96% Australian ingredients. When you make a purchase, you get our pre-made scroll dough and indulgent bun topping/ganache.

The scrolls themselves are filled with an indulgent chocolate spread and real, melty chocolate chips. A must for chocoholics! We also use high quality cocoa powder, cocoa butter and cocoa mass, for that authentic chocolate experience.

It’s a done for you solution for your bakery or cafe. All you have to do is bake them off and sell them to your customers.

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