What is a Scruffin

Scruffin Recipes for Bakers. Combine two classic favourites - scrolls and muffins - and you get the scruffin!

Bake delicious scruffins that your customers are sure to love

Combine two classic favourites – scrolls and muffins – and you get the scruffin! Soft, pillowy and versatile, there’s so many flavour combinations that you can make with scruffins.

At Suprima Bakeries, we make all of our dough from scratch and never compromise on quality. If you’re looking to bake amazing scruffins with ease, our Suprima Bakery products are the perfect solution.

Save time, money and effort by using our customisable dough bases in your food business.

What are scruffins?

savoury scruffin

While we’ve all heard of the cruffin (a croissant and muffin mix), what about the scruffin? A mix between a scroll and a muffin, scruffins have the same soft and pillowy texture of a scroll but comes in a smaller muffin size that makes it easy to enjoy on the go.

With scruffins, there’s  so many flavour combinations that you can try from savoury to sweet versions such as cinnamon scruffins, Aussie scruffins, blueberry scruffins, pizza scruffins, margherita scruffins, sweet potato and ham scruffins and more – the options are endless!

When it comes to making the scruffin dough, if you’re looking to save time why not use our scroll dough range? Not only is it easy to make, but it also comes in a variety of options for you to choose from!

How to make scruffins

It’s easier to simply bake fresh with Suprima Bakeries. By using Suprima’s versatile scruffin dough, making scruffins will take minimum effort. Simply follow the preparation instructions on our method sheet. It’s as easy as:

  1. Frozen
  2. Thaw
  3. Create desired shape
  4. Add desired fillings/ toppings (optional)
  5. Proof
  6. Bake

Finishing Instructions: Finish as required e.g. add savoury toppings or garnish, add sugar donut glaze etc.

What about creative variations?

There’s so many flavours and variations that you can create with the scruffin. You can choose to go for either a sweet or savoury flavour – it’s completely up to you! Some options for you to consider include:

  • Add some cinnamon to the scruffin and dip it into a donut glaze to make a cinnamon scruffin. You can even add some blueberries to it to make it a blueberry scruffin!
  • Top your scruffin with avocado and shredded tasty cheese to make it into a topped Aussie scruffin.
  • Fancy a mini pizza? Make a margherita scruffin with cheese and freshly chopped herbs.
  • Add sweet potato and ham to your scruffin to make a delicious sweet potato and ham scruffin!

If you’d like, you can also use the scruffin dough to make scrolls instead. They’re still just as delicious but simply bigger in size. You can also customise your scrolls and add a range of ingredients and toppings.

Margherita Scrolls Large dough baseA Versatile Solution

The same dough base that you use to make these delicious scruffins is the same dough base used to make a range of scrolls. This means you can extend your product range by simply using a single dough base.

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