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What is Frozen Dough? And Why Should You Care?

If you have ever tried to bake bread from scratch you will know it takes a lot of time, patience and knowledge. It is an arduous process from start to finish and success is not always guaranteed

Enter: Suprima Frozen Dough. The concept of pre-made frozen dough may sound new, but it has been around for several decades now, and every day we take on the task of making the product better.

Differences Between Fresh and Frozen Dough

When a baker works to develop the perfect fresh dough, it is much more complicated than you’d think. In a traditional bakery, there are many variables that a baker has to contend with.

The proofing and baking process follows and the product is on the shelf for the customer a while after that.

Why do you think traditional bakers are working while everyone else is sleeping?

The entire process from start to finish is time consuming and requires a fully qualified and experienced baker. Like anything handmade, there may be room for human error and can result in discrepancies in quality and taste.


Could Frozen Dough Be the Solution to Your Problems? 

We have a highly skilled team of bakers who make the dough that is delivered to you to thaw, proof and cook. Our promise to you is:

  • Higher quality products
  • Fuller flavour, great aroma and texture
  • Less labour costs
  • More products produced in less time
  • Less wastage 
  • Consistency in quality

Suprima Frozen Dough Will Change Your Business

The technology in ingredients is far advanced from 20 years ago. Bread improvers, yeast and even flour has been advanced to handle the stress that sub zero temperatures would ordinarily place on dough.

Suprima had a strain of yeast developed to provide our customers with a better performing product late into the standard shelf life of frozen dough. We are partnered with industry leaders which means we are at the forefront of technical advances and ingredient development.

Suprima’s autonomous production lines are Japanese designed and built and are “low stress” on the dough. This means that we produce high quality dough at high speeds. We also store ingredients in bulk to allow us to add them to the mixers in exact doses for accuracy and consistency in our final product. 

As you can pre-prepare frozen bread dough, you will have the flexibility to bake throughout the day and teach your staff how to manage the production. This means maximising sales opportunities, minimising waste and cutting back on labour costs.

If you’re looking for wholesale bakery or frozen food suppliers and more, our products do the hard work and deliver amazing ready-to-be-baked frozen dough right to your doorstep.

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