Flat Bread Dough

Introducing Suprima flat bread dough balls. These dough basics can quickly be transformed into delicious, unique creations. 

Wholesale Flat Bread Doughs

Don’t Skimp On Quality When It Comes To Bread Rolls

They can be used as a flatbread pizza base or baked on their own to provide your customers with a great flatbread product.

A Simple Base Is All You Need

From naan in India to the tortilla in Central America, many different cultures have put a twist on this simple recipe and conformed it into their traditional cuisine. Long story short, there is a lot you can do with flatbread, making it a wonderful addition to any menu.

Flatbread is an unleavened bread, meaning it’s made without yeast to eliminate the traditional rising that happens with bread before baking. This savoury bread can be eaten on it’s own or used as a wrap, but one of the most popular variations of flatbreads is its use as a base for pizza.

Customisable Flat Bread Dough That You Bake Fresh 

These customisable dough bases can quickly be transformed into delicious, unique creations by kneading in herbs, spices or other dry ingredients to create savoury flavours. Cheese, sauce and vegetables can also be added during the baking process to further enhance the taste of the flatbread. Why not make garlic flat breads? 

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