Introducing Our New Fully Baked Range

An easy to merchandise bakery solution - simply thaw, label and display!

Full Baked Wholesale Bakery Range

Discover our Fully Baked Wholesale Bakery Range, offering a variety of high-quality, fully baked goods perfect for supermarkets. Designed to complement our frozen dough products, these frozen treats are a must have addition to your supermarket. For those with baking facilities, we encourage you to keep delighting customers with freshly baked goods. However, if baking isn’t an option for you, you can now effortlessly expand your offerings with our hand-finished baked goods of the highest quality.

Fully baked Margherita Scrolls wholesale
fully baked wholesale Cinnamon Scrolls
fully baked wholesale Aussie Scrolls
fully baked wholesale Cheese & Bacon Rolls
fully baked Cheese & Bacon Pull-A-Part wholesale
fully baked wholesale Finger Buns

Why Choose Suprima?

Fully Baked Wholesale Bakery Range

Wholesale Bakery Range FAQs

Suprima is proud to introduce you to our newest product range, our Fully Baked Wholesale Bakery Range.  Choose from our:

  • Margherita Scrolls
  • Cinnamon Scrolls
  • Aussie Scrolls
  • Cheese & Bacon Rolls
  • Cheese & Bacon Pull-A-Part
  • Finger Buns

You can also check out our full dough range. It’s fresh dough made from scratch that you bake fresh. 

We make our range of dough products and fully baked products right here in Australia, in our Western Sydney plant.

We have the scale to meet your needs. Site tours are also available. Please get in touch and discover how we can cater to your business.

You can find our Sydney plant at 1 Magnum Pl, Minto NSW 2566.

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Contact one of our bakers at Suprima Bakeries today and let our experts help you discover how our wholesale bakery range can grow your business.

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