How to Use

Bake in 4 Simple Steps


1) Thaw

You simply thaw the dough as you need it.

2) Create

Customise it to your size, shape, and flavour.


3) Proof

Allow the yeast to be activated and to produce unique flavour. 


4) Bake

Bake fresh and it’s ready to serve. 

Preparation Instructions

1) Thaw

All our products will arrive at your store as frozen dough, boxed in a carton. They are not proofed at this point, and therefore we can be very efficient with the amount of frozen dough in each box, and maximise the number of pieces in the box compared to par-baked bread doughs. To bake, simply remove from the freezer, and allow to thaw. Let  the product reach a temperature of about 10°C – 15°C.

2) Create

Now is your opportunity to be creative and inject your personal touch to the product. You can top with seeds, olives, herbs, cheeses and more. Shape it into a flat bread, mould it into a pull apart or plait it into a savoury twist – the possibilities and flexibility are almost endless. 

3) Proof

Once defrosted, place the product in the proofer. This allows the yeast to be activated, grow, and produce the unique flavour. Like all good bread, time is a key ingredient. Gases are produced, and the bread will rise to the correct volume. After approximately 1 hour your product should be ready for the next stage.

Baking Instructions

4) Bake and Finish

Bake and it’s ready to serve. Simply follow the baking instructions on the method sheet.

As you can pre-prepare the dough you will have the flexibility to bake throughout the day and teach your “non bakers” how to manage the product. This means maximising sales opportunities and minimising waste.


Finish each product according to the method sheet instructions or as desired. For scrolls or sweet breads, finishing may include applying a glaze, ganache, bun wash, decorative garnish, or whipped cream.

For savoury breads, finishing may include adding garnishes, extra toppings, grilling, or simply serving warm.

You know your customers – our customisable and versatile dough range allows you to create exactly what your customers want to buy!

As a Suprima Bakeries customer, you’ll get access to our exclusive Suprima Bakeries method sheet library. Each product comes with its own method sheet which includes preparation instructions, baking instructions and finishing instructions for that product. 

On top of that, you also get access to our extensive creative variation method sheet library, so you can bake creative variations using the same dough base. 


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Whether you want to bake artisan breads, sweet scrolls or bake at scale across multiple sites, you’ll produce a greater variety of products and delight your customers by working with us.

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