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On this page you can find out how to bake creative variations using Suprima dough products

Impress your customers with a range of delicious breads, rolls, scrolls, buns and more! Enjoy baking amazing-quality products in your bakery or cafe that your customers love, while saving time, money and effort. By working with us, you will produce a greater variety of products and delight your customers with your quality. 

Take a look at what is possible and be inspired to bake fresh with Suprima today, and share this page with your friends.


Bake Breads

Use our different bread doughs to bake a range of artisan breads, pull aparts and focaccias.

Artisan Sourdough



german rye vienna

German Rye Vienna

Bake Sweet Treats

Use our fruit filled dough bases to up sweet treats

Fruit Filled Tea Cakes

Fruit Filled Tea Cakes

creams buns

Cream Buns

Fruit Filled Easter Buns

Bake Scrolls

Create and customise sweet and savoury scrolls

sweet scrolls and muffins

Delicious Sweet Scrolls

Vegemite cheese avocado muffin scroll

Vegemite, Cheese, Avocado Muffin Scroll

trays of cinnamon raisins

Tray of Cinnamon and Raisin Scrolls

Make Pizza

pizza slices

Pizza Slices

flat bread

Flat Breads

pizza boats

Pizza Boats

Bake Rolls

Customise bread rolls for any occasion

hot dog buns

Hot Dog Buns

ham and cheese rolls

Ham and Cheese Rolls

Mini Pizza Rolls

See What You're Baking

Inspiration from our creative customers

We’d love to see your wonderful creations and tasty recipes, so please feel free to send through your masterpieces to us and we will add them to our collection of impressive photos. So, dust off the flour and get snapping today.

Chocolate Topped Donuts

savoury povitica bread

Savoury Povitica Bread

cheesy garlic bread pizza

Cheesy Garlic Bread Pizza

Happy Customers

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