Multigrain Vienna Large 760gm

Multigrain Vienna Large 760gm

Similar to our other Vienna offerings, this Multigrain Vienna Dough 760gm is perfect for creating a square loaf or you can use your own style to create a tray Vienna loaf.

The dough is made of a large variety of mixed grains sourced from Australia, including malted wheat flakes, rolled oats, linseed and kibbled maize. Generous in size and easy to bake, the Multigrain Vienna Large 760gm frozen dough is ideal for cafes and bakeries.

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Multigrain Vienna Bread Dough

Our high quality dough is the perfect bread dough to bake fresh at your bakery, cafe or restaurant.

Creative Variations

You can bake up a greater variety of breads and delight your customers with your quality by using our customisable and versatile premade Multigrain Vienna Bread Dough. You can also bake:

  • Multigrain Cob loaf
  • Multigrain Focaccia
  • Multigrain High Top
  • Multigrain Olive and Herb Focaccia
  • Multigrain Olive Infused Vienna
  • Multigrain Pull Apart
  • Multigrain Sandwich Loaf
  • Multigrain Savoury Twist.

How to Bake

To use our Multigrain Vienna Bread Dough, simply thaw the dough in the refrigerator (4°C) with retard cover for a period of 12 (minimum) – 20 hours (maximum). Remove from the refrigerator and proof. After proofing for approximately one hour, your dough will have risen to its optimal size and be ready for baking.

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