White Flat Bread Dough Ball 80gm

Frozen White Flat Bread Dough

Perfect for large pizza bases and wraps, our White Flat Bread frozen dough tastes good with any topping or filling. Think wraps, quesadillas, kebabs and more.

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White Flat Bread Dough Ball 80gm

Perfect for large pizza bases, kebabs and wraps, our White Flatbread Dough Ball 80gm bakes into a thin layer of crisp bread. Quick and easy to bake, Suprima’s white flatbread frozen dough is a great time-saving product. This flatbread frozen dough is simple to bake, versatile and can be used in a number of different ways.

Ingredient Highlights

Key ingredient highlights include: Australian wheat Flour. Made in Australia from minimum 99% Australian ingredients.

How to Bake

To use our White Flat Bread frozen dough, simply thaw the dough in the refrigerator for 12 to 20 hours at 4°C (with a retard cover). After thawing, the dough balls are ready to use straight from the fridge for approximately one hour. Before baking, roll the dough balls in semolina or flour to stop them sticking to the press plates and process as per the method sheet which we will develop specific to your chosen flat bread machine.

Recommended Uses

Our White Flatbread frozen dough can be customised however you like, to create the perfect baked product for your cafe or bakery.

These dough basics can quickly be transformed into delicious, unique creations by kneading in herbs, spices or other dry ingredients to create savoury flavours.

There are limitless opportunities when it comes to creating a delicious meal with our White Flat Bread frozen dough. Think wraps, quesadillas, pizzas and more. You can even cut them into triangles and bake into crispy chips for dip or antipasto.

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