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Partner with Suprima, Sydney's leading restaurant supplier, for superior dough products. Our customisable and ready-to-bake dough solutions are designed to enhance your menu, offering more options for your diners while saving you time and money.

Bake Fresh with Suprima’s Dough Range

From artisan sourdough to the most delicious scrolls, we strive to produce the best quality dough products that your restaurant can bake fresh.

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Our team of bakers and food technicians are working behind the scenes to deliver quality products and ingredients to your restaurant’s  doorstep.

As a restaurant owner, your reputation and the success of your business relies on the quality of the ingredients you use and who you entrust as your suppliers. 

Suprima Bakeries, part of Prima Group of Companies, strive to support Australian food businesses and restaurants by providing high-quality dough products that you customise and bake fresh.

Whether you want to bake artisan breads, serve dinner rolls, entice customers with sweet scrolls or bake at scale across multiple sites, it all starts with dough.

Why Choose Suprima?

Supported by a dedicated customer service team, we partner with our restaurant customers to ensure you select the right products for your business.

So, why should you choose Suprima as your trusted restaurant supplier:

Frequently Asked Questions

Suprima is a Sydney-based manufacturer that specialises in the production of versatile and customisable dough for bakeries and restaurants across Australia and beyond. Suprima is the largest frozen dough manufacturer in Australia.

Our range of versatile and customisable dough products will be easy to use in your restaurant. 

Thaw, Create, Proof, Bake. It is that simple! All our dough products will arrive at your store in a carton. When you need to use them, simply remove from your freezer, thaw, and bake fresh!

> Find out more about how to use our range of products here.

Yes! Suprima bakeries make our unique range of customisable dough bases right here in Australia. We make the dough from scratch and never compromise on quality.

Our team of Australian bakers and food technicians work from our production facility located in Minto, south west Sydney. Site tours are available – get in touch and discover how we can support your restaurant.

Using local suppliers offers several benefits:

  • Local suppliers can often provide fresher produce as the transportation time is shorter.
  • It helps support local economies and can be a selling point for your restaurant.
  • Shorter transportation distances mean a lower carbon footprint.
  • Local suppliers may offer more flexibility and quicker response times for restocking essential items.

Choosing the right supplier is important for your restaurant’s success, impacting everything from the quality of the food to the efficiency of the service.

Partner with Suprima today for our locally made, high quality bread doughs and fully baked products

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