Artisan Sourdough

Frozen Sourdough Rolls and Baguettes

The protein, vitamin and mineral-rich sourdough bread has been a crowd-favourite for centuries. Different from other breads like white and whole-wheat in a variety of ways, sourdough packs a more robust nutritional value which hides in the structure of carbohydrates in the dough, which is easier on the digestive system and allows for better blood sugar control.

With Suprima frozen doughs, you can easily add sourdough bread to your bakery, cafe, restaurant, quick service food chain or supermarket. Ditch the early-morning baking shifts, expensive ingredients and excessive equipment and switch to this no-mixing solution. Frozen dough not only saves you time and money, but it also gives you more opportunities to customise the product without sacrificing the core ingredients that make it taste delicious.


Artisan Frozen Sourdough Available in a Variety of Shapes, Sizes and Flavours

Suprima offers an assortment of sourdough premade doughs including rolls and baguettes. Our Artisan sourdough products include the following frozen doughs:

  • White, wholegrain and grain sourdough rolls
  • White, wholegrain and grain sourdough baguettes
  • Sourdough Vienna

Beyond our sourdough collection, we offer a variety of savoury and sweet frozen scrolls and snacks as well as flatbread dough balls that can be moulded into cheesy pizzas or warm wraps. Browse our products and discover all the unique ways you can use frozen dough to develop a diverse range of baked goods to further enhance your business. 

Spice Up Your Menu With Artisan Sourdough

As Australia’s largest frozen dough supplier, we are one of the most trusted bakery suppliers in Melbourne, Sydney and Perth. Taking the stress out of baking for a variety of industries, Suprima delivers frozen dough straight to your business. Just pull it from the freezer when you’re ready and begin the baking process. This simple solution has helped businesses across Australia add variety to their menu while still providing products that delight consumers and keep them coming back for more.

For more information on how Suprima can help your business increase your product offering, get in touch with our friendly bakers or give us a call at 02 8796 9300.

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