What is Frozen Dough?

It's Fresh Dough Made From Scratch & Snap Frozen

It's Made From Scratch

We make our dough from scratch in the same way you would, just on a larger scale!

You Thaw and Bake Fresh

Ready for bakers to thaw, create, proof and bake fresh, whenever you need.

It's Versatile and Customisable

Our dough range can be customised into a wide range of baked goods that your customers will love.

The Perfect Bakers Solution

“Operating a bakery is challenging”

Whether you’re a quick service supermarket, cafe owner or local baker, operating a bakery business and keeping your customers happy can be a challenge. We understand your concerns:

  • Finding skilled staff, retaining them and the costs of labour
  • How to come up with new and delicious products that delight your customers
  • Ingredient sourcing and storage
  • Logistics, space and investing in a full bakery set-up.

At Suprima Bakeries, we understand these struggles and want to change the game by offering bakeries across the country a better, faster and more cost-efficient alternative to traditional baking processes.

what is frozen dough

Introducing Frozen Dough

“It’s fresh dough made from scratch and snap frozen”

Fresh dough is a simple concept. We make bread doughs from scratch, snap freeze and then deliver to your door. All the mixing is done so you don’t have to worry about consistency and texture. 

Thaw, Create, Proof, Bake. It is that simple! All Suprima dough products will arrive at your store in a carton. When you need to use them, simply remove from your freezer, thaw, and bake fresh!

Offering You Complete Flexibility

“We’ve created a range of fantastic bread doughs on par with the latest artisan trends and flavours”

Our dough range can transform into almost anything. From soft dinner rolls to French style bread sticks, bread rolls and loaves. Along with our range of value added products such as scrolls, and hot cross buns. You could produce your whole range from our dough products, plus a range of creative variations. 

Whilst each product comes with its own instructions, the process remains consistent. Simply thaw your products overnight for best results. Shape and add your favourite toppings. Proof and bake. You can add two 100g pieces of dough together and create a baguette or four pieces together to create a loaf. There’s complete flexibility.

What Are The Benefits Of Suprima's Dough Range?

This breakthrough method in new baking technologies provides an abundance of benefits to you and your business. By using our frozen dough bases in your bakery, cafe, supermarket, hotel or restaurant you will benefit in the following ways:

  • Bake fresh with our frozen dough bases for a fuller flavour, texture and aroma.
  • Offer a complete range of products that includes freshly baked breads, rolls, scrolls, buns and more!
  • Add to your own skills and enhance your creativity by trialling new products or seasonal variations.
  • Delegate the baking process to your team members, saving you time and money.
  • Less wastage – use only what is required for that day with no minimum baking quantity required.
  • Customisation with desired ingredients, shape, weight and toppings/inclusions based on your local market and differentiate from competitors.
  • Reduced time in research & development and an increased capacity for a faster launch of new products.
  • Focus on creating hero products that your customers will love e.g. decadent chocolate scrolls, salted caramel and chocolate coated donuts, artisan sourdough breads.
  • Create instagrammable moments that your customers will snap and post to social media.
  • Whether you want to bake artisan breads, sweet scrolls or bake at scale across multiple sites, it all starts with dough.
  • Partner with Suprima Bakeries as your wholesale baking partner and grow your business
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