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Transform Your Baking From Scratch To Frozen Dough

Operating a bakery is challenging. It doesn’t matter if you’re a supermarket, hotel, or local baker. The hours, finding skilled staff, retaining them and ultimately, delighting your customers with great products is hard. It all takes time and energy. At Suprima, we understand this struggle and want to change the game by offering bakeries across the country a better, faster and more cost-efficient alternative to traditional baking processes.

Frozen dough is a simple concept. We produce frozen bread doughs, snap freeze them and deliver them to your bakery. All the mixing is done. You simply thaw the frozen dough, customise it to your size, shape, and flavour, then proof and bake. You can prepare our frozen doughs the afternoon before, and simply bake them off in the morning and throughout the day.

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What Are the Benefits Of Frozen Dough?

This breakthrough method in new baking technologies provides an abundance of benefits to a variety of industries. By implementing frozen dough in your bakery, cafe, supermarket, hotel or restaurant you will experience:

  • Higher quality bakery products compared to scratch baking, keeping a fuller flavour, texture and aroma.
  • Reduced workload and man hours – saving up to 90 mins per day from mixing and resting doughs compared to making it from scratch.
  • Produce more products in a shorter time without wasting time mixing different types of dough.
  • Less wastage – use only what is required for that day with no minimum baking quantity required.
  • Consistent quality of base dough, reducing reliance on skilled bakers.
  • Customisation with desired ingredients, shape, weight and toppings/inclusions based on your local market and differentiate from competitors.
  • Reduced time in research & development and an increased capacity for a faster launch of new products.
  • More opportunities to introduce a greater product offering with flexible uses for frozen dough.
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Complete flexibility

Suprima have created a range of fantastic frozen doughs on par with the latest bread trends and flavours. These base products can transform into almost anything. From soft dinner rolls to French style bread sticks, bread rolls, loaves and scrolls. Along with our range of value added products such as scrolls, and filled buns. You could produce your whole range from our bases. Whilst each product comes with its own instructions, the process remains consistent. Simply thaw your products overnight for best results. Shape and add your favourite toppings. Proof and bake. You can add two 100g pieces of dough together and create a baguette or four pieces together to create a loaf. There’s complete flexibility.

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Can switching to frozen dough help to grow your business?


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