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Wholesale Bakery Suppliers In Sydney

Welcome to Suprima Bakeries. We are a frozen dough and wholesale bakery supplier in Sydney, committed to bringing you bakery solutions that save you valuable time and money!

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Cutting Costs with High Quality Wholesale Bakery Supplies

You can find us at 1 Magnum Place, Minto, NSW 2566 (or here on Google Maps).

Whether you’re a Sydney bakery, cafe, restaurant or dessert shop, saving on supply costs will always be a plus for your business. However, the real bonus comes when your products maintain their high quality or are even amplified in quality despite the drop in costs.

At Suprima Bakeries, we are committed to helping all businesses, no matter their size, save on costs without foregoing the quality of their products. We do this with our expertly crafted and innovative frozen dough products, which can not only save you up to 25% of your labour costs, but also heighten your business’ selection of baked goods.

From loaves and rolls to flatbread and even fruit-filled scrolls, our frozen dough is the wholesale bakery supply ready to solve all your problems!


Our Sydney Partners

We provide impeccable wholesale bakery supplies to many bakeries, food chains, restaurants and cafes across the local Sydney area. If you’re looking for wholesale bakery or frozen food suppliers in Sydney, we can help.

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At Suprima Bakeries, we provide Sydney bakeries, cafes and restaurants with a wide range of wholesale frozen dough options including:

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Our highly automated Suprima frozen dough facility is located in Western Sydney and from there, we create and ship our high-quality frozen dough all across the city. We understand how important your time may be, and thus are committed to providing you with quick and on-time delivery.

Whether you want to standardise your baking process across a chain of stores, or simply want to save on time and costs in your small cafe, bakery or restaurant, our frozen dough and delivery capabilities are more than ready to meet your needs.

Are you a local Sydney business looking for wholesale bakery supplies to save on costs? Want to boost the quality of your food products while you’re at it?

Contact our team at Suprima Bakeries and grow your business today.

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