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Welcome to Suprima Bakeries, your go-to frozen food supplier in Australia. We specialise in providing a comprehensive range of versatile and customisable dough bases, designed to elevate your menu and streamline your kitchen operations.

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Wide selection for every need: Discover our extensive range of wholesale frozen dough options that you bake fresh.

Expand Your Menu with Quality Frozen Dough

As a leading frozen food supplier, Suprima Bakeries empowers your business with customisable dough bases. Whether you’re aiming to diversify your offerings or streamline your preparation process, our products are your solution for:

  • Expanding menu options with minimal effort
  • Reducing preparation and labour costs significantly
  • Ensuring consistent quality and taste in every bite.

Frozen Food Supplier

Are you looking to lighten your load and optimise everything on the backend of your business? Do you want to save on production and labour costs (try our efficiency calculator here), while also freeing up time to focus on other aspects of your business? If so, then frozen food may be the solution for you!

At Suprima Bakeries, we understand how difficult it may be for cafes, restaurants, supermarkets and other food retail owners like you to make every single item from your menu from scratch. Despite being incredibly fulfilling, running a food establishment comes with a whole host of challenges such as exorbitant labour costs and inconsistent food quality.

To unload you of your concerns and help brighten up the future of your business, consider working with frozen food wholesalers like Suprima Bakeries!

Frozen Food Innovation

As one of Australia’s top frozen food distributors, our team at Suprima are always looking to innovate and further improve our products. Throughout the years spent perfecting our craft, we have used up-to-date frozen food technology to guarantee our frozen dough products a long shelf life with no compromise to quality and our signature taste.

What are the benefits of frozen food?

In addition to convenience, our selection of frozen dough is designed to give you creative freedom and the ability to customise the dough to your preference.

With our flexible frozen dough, you can create:

  • fruit-studded buns and scrolls,
  • memorable garlic bread appetisers,
  • savoury or sweet dessert wraps,
  • and many more!

Our frozen dough will form the perfect base for all your creative needs and help you innovate the next hot-selling item on your menu!

For example, you can customise and add your preferred fruits, spices and toppings onto the dough after shaping. Our wide range of frozen flatbread also ensures bakers can make a variety of dishes with our dough such as pizzas, savoury or sweet dessert wraps.

Frequently Asked Questions

Concerned about storage? As a top frozen food supplier, we’ve got you covered with our comprehensive guide to cold storage solutions, ensuring your products remain fresh and ready to use.

Frozen food refrigeration is quite simple. Unlike fresh foods, frozen foods such as dough, fruits and cheese are relatively easy to store. All you need is a commercial freezer at an average temperature of –18°C.

Depending on the type of frozen food, most frozen products can last between one month to four. To prolong the shelf life of your frozen foods, make sure that you keep your food sealed in air-tight packaging and keep them stored at their respective optimal temperatures.

When it comes to frozen foods, there are a few common types of products which many food retailers use to optimise their production rates. Whether you are a small local bakery or a  five-star restaurant, it never hurts to make things more convenient and employ the use of frozen food products!

Maximise convenience with frozen dough

Simplify your kitchen with our frozen dough products, perfect for a variety of dishes. Our carefully crafted recipes guarantee delicious, consistent outcomes for every meal.

Frozen fruits and cheeses

Enhance your dishes with the added convenience and shelf life of frozen fruits and cheese. Perfect for adding a burst of flavour or richness to your creations.

Contrary to popular belief, frozen cheese tastes just as good as fresh cheese in baked goods – with our Margherita Scrolls being a prime example of the wonders of frozen products!

Why not customise your goods and bake creative variations using Suprima dough products. Simply add frozen fruits, savoury veggies or cheeses to either the dough prior to baking, or as a delicious topping, that will be sure to lure customers back into your store! 

Working with a local supplier can offer fresher products, lower transportation costs, and quicker delivery times. It also supports the local economy and can be a selling point for customers who value locally sourced ingredients.

Experience the benefits of frozen foods by having your dough supplied from Suprima Bakeries! Guaranteed to lower your labour and production costs, as well as save you the time of purchasing and preparing your ingredients, our wide selection of frozen dough is the quick solution to your bakery’s problems.

At Suprima Bakeries, we are committed to providing you with delicious and consistent tasting frozen dough. Our experienced team of bakers are more than happy to assist you with choosing the best dough for your business, and answer any questions you may have about our frozen dough!

If you’re looking for a trusted and local frozen food manufacturer in Australia, get in touch today.

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