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Ready to be baked fresh, our dinner rolls make for the perfect accompaniment.
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It all starts with dough

Serve dinner rolls at your bakery, cafe or restaurant today with Suprima Bakeries!

Ready to be baked fresh, our dinner rolls make for the perfect accompaniment to a fine dining menu or as ready to be bought bakery rolls.  The same frozen dinner roll dough base can also be used to bake a range of other breads and creative variations, helping you to extend your menu in a cost effective way.

Save time, money and effort by using our customisable dough bases in your food business.

Why are dinner rolls so popular?

Generations of people have enjoyed dinner rolls as a mainstay of meals, and it makes sense why. These little, airy bread rolls go well with everything from light salads to substantial stews. They complement any meal with their soft, supple texture and somewhat sweet flavour. Soft dinner rolls also work well at soaking gravies and sauces, which improves the whole eating experience.

Every table benefits from dinner buns, which are served warm with a pat of butter or used to wipe up the remains of the soup.

Serve freshly baked dinner rolls in your restaurant or café, or bake fresh rolls to offer to your bakery customers.

The appeal of freshly baked dinner rolls cannot be underestimated. Take pride in your freshly baked breads and attract customers seeking higher quality and an authentic taste.

Are you wondering how to make dinner rolls?

dinner roll recipe

A typical dinner roll recipe may include the following ingredients:

  • flour
  • active dry yeast
  • warm milk
  • sugar
  • salt
  • butter
  • egg

If you want to go to the effort of making the dough yourself, there are a few key steps.

You’ll need to activate the yeast, which acts as a leavening agent, helping the dough rise and giving the bread its light and airy texture. Mixing yeast and leavening agents is important in successful baking because it ensures proper dough fermentation and optimal rise. This is often a problematic step for many bakers.

Next, add the flour, salt, butter, and egg into the yeast mixture. Mix the dough until it begins to come together.

From here, you would proof the dough and allow it to rise.

Hours can be spent mixing, leavening, kneading, and proofing the dough. Not to mention testing different dinner roll recipes. We know that as a busy bakery and cafe owner, you just don’t have that much time in a single day!

To save time and money, our bakers have already done the hard work of sourcing ingredients and making the dough for you! Our quick dinner rolls offer a convenient solution.

It’s easier to simply bake fresh with Suprima Bakeries.

By using Suprima’s versatile range of white, multigrain and wholemeal bread roll doughs, baking dinner rolls will take minimum effort. Simply follow the preparation instructions on our method sheet.

It’s as easy as:

  1. Frozen
  2. Thaw
  3. Proof
  4. Bake

A versatile solution

cheese and bacon dinner rolls

You can bake a wide range of different dinner rolls using two of our dough bases. For example:

  • You can use our White Crusty Buffett Roll dough (50g) to bake an assortment of different crusty dinner rolls, such as the classic dinner roll, mini cheese and bacon rolls or white savoury bites.
  • You can use our White Round Roll dough (70g) to bake larger white rolls, ham and cheese rolls, and hamburger buns.

White Round Roll dough (70g)Our White Round Roll dough also comes in wholemeal dinner roll and multigrain dinner roll dough variations, enabling you to bake a wider selection of rolls from our customisable dough bases.

Extend your product range by simply using one or more of our bread roll dough bases.

> Discover Suprima’s bread roll dough here.

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