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Frozen Sweet And Savoury Scrolls

Create delicious frozen scrolls for your customers with Suprima frozen dough. Suprima makes baking easy by taking the hard work out of the equation and supplying cafes, restaurants, supermarkets and food chains across Australia with high quality frozen scroll dough that’s easy to prepare but still tastes great.

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Frozen Sweet And Savoury Scrolls

Choose from our delicious range of sweet and savoury frozen scroll dough products below.

Expand Your Bakeries Range with a Variety of Frozen Scroll Dough Products

iBake Margherita Scroll Large

Frozen scrolls are becoming a widespread treat as on-the-go snacking becomes more popular, especially amongst millennials. This increased interest in convenience food goes hand in hand with the fast-paced lifestyle brought about by the 21st century. It’s time for your business to keep up with the competition and introduce something quick, easy and delicious to your menu.

Suprima offers a variety of innovative frozen dough products including sweet and savoury scrolls. Our products include the following doughs, which can be further modified with additional toppings and ingredients:

After ordering, all you need to do is thaw, proof and bake. It’s that simple. This process means that you have more time on your hands to add unique toppings to further customise your scrolls. Take the margherita scroll for example. This can be baked as is or toppings like ham and pineapple or roasted capsicum and pepperoni can be included before baking to boost flavour and bring something creative to the menu. 

Improve Your Product Offering with Consistent Flavours

Not sure what frozen dough is or how it could help save your business time and money? 

Our convenient, ready-to-be-baked doughs mean that you can spend less time and money purchasing ingredients, testing methods and preparing food and more time focusing on the overall customer experience. Supriuma takes care of the mixing and measuring from our state-of-the-art facilities, providing you with consistent, quality dough with every order. 

This means you can be confident your scrolls will come out of the oven tasting just as good as the last batch. The Suprima dough range cuts down on the need for expensive early morning bakers, because all your employees will have to do is thaw, proof and bake the delicious treats. Suprima helps food manufacturers across the country to reduce overheads, save time and deliver better tasting food to hungry customers.

Learn how you can incorporate Suprima dough in your current recipes, from frozen pizza dough balls to hot cross buns, we can’t wait to help you enhance your menu. 

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