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Hot Dog Bun Frozen Dough

Are you looking for soft and fluffy hot dog buns to complete your bakery, cafe or restaurant’s menu? Look no further than Suprima’s hot dog frozen dough.

Made with the freshest Australian ingredients and prepared to perfection, our hot dog frozen dough is perfect to bake into hot dog buns. You can sell the rolls plain and allow your customers to make their own delicious and memorable hot dogs, with their own signature fillings. You can’t go wrong in adding a hot dog bun to your menu today. We are your Australian supplier of wholesale frozen hot dog dough.

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A Soft and Fluffy Hot Dog Bun

Suprima’s frozen hot dog dough bakes into the ideal bun for your cafe or restaurant’s hot dog. We recommend serving the freshly baked hot dog buns with savoury fillings, and are perfect for use at a sausage sizzle. Our buns can also be used for sweet, creative purposes.

Try our jumbo hot dog buns, which weigh 110g per serve, or the regular 80g hot dog buns.

Hot Dog Bun Ingredients

Our hot dog dough uses Australian flour, a special type of yeast developed to perform the same after months in the freezer as it did on day one, and a combination of minor ingredients to produce the soft crumb.

Suprima Bakeries are experts in developing and manufacturing high-quality frozen dough products, such as hot dog frozen dough.

Our tech-advanced and highly-automated facility includes equipment which gently mixes, divides and rolls the dough into the traditional hot dog shape.

Hot Dog Dough Australia

Dough on Demand: Ordering Your Hot Dog Frozen Dough Today

Our Dough on Demand program is an online ordering program designed to make your experience with us easier and convenient. You can order our hot dog frozen dough through our Dough on Demand program, operating in collaboration with the Ordermentum app.

To place your order, simply download the Ordermentum app, create an account and add our dough to your cart for payment. As one of Australia’s largest hot dog frozen dough suppliers, we make sure to deliver all of your orders safely and efficiently through the Dough on Demand program.

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