Frozen Bread Dough Rolls

Quality Frozen Bread Dough Rolls

While bread rolls may seem blasé and transparent, developing the dough to bake them perfectly is actually more complicated than one might think. If you’re running a cafe, bakery food chain or supermarket, bread rolls should definitely be a highlight on the menu. But requiring a collection of ingredients, loads of time and a well-trained baker, it’s safe to say developing a delicious bread dough recipe is not in everyone’s business model.

But what if there was an easier way to ensure quality bread rolls without breaking the bank? Suprima does just that – providing businesses with a variety of frozen doughs that can be easily adapted into delicious products that will keep customers coming back for more.  

Frozen bread dough rolls

Stick With The Classics

Quality bread rolls can go a long way. With Suprima frozen doughs, you can be confident that quality will never be compromised, providing consistent doughs no matter the day, month or week – the product will always have the same delicious taste. We offer a variety of frozen dough roll options which include:

  • Jumbo white, wholegrain and multigrain rolls
  • White buffet rolls
  • White, wholemeal and multigrain round rolls
  • White hot dog roll
  • White crusty long roll
  • White, grain and wholegrain sourdough rolls
  • Plain finger bun
  • Plain sweet bun
  • Brioche bun
  • Brioche loaf

With Suprima frozen bread dough you’ll be able to spend more time customising your product and less time building the basics, like a knock-out dough recipe. Beyond bread dough rolls, Suprima offers an array of frozen bread options and products, including artisan bread and sourdough vienna varieties.

Stock Your Bakery with High Quality Products

As Australia’s leading frozen dough supplier, we help businesses reduce strain in their operation. Our high quality frozen dough products streamline the baking process, leaving you with less work, decreased costs and fewer frustrations. Make the switch from scratch baking to the more efficient option – Suprima frozen doughs.

Call us today at 02 8796 9300 for further information about the entire Suprima range. Our professional and friendly team is happy to answer any of your questions.

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