Vienna Bread Recipe

Bake fresh Vienna Bread with Suprima Bakeries. Serve a variety of tasty Vienna Breads in your business with our customisable dough bases.
vienna bread

Bake delicious Vienna breads that your customers are sure to love

There’s nothing quite like Vienna bread, with its golden, crusty top and soft, fluffy interior. The recipe for making Vienna bread is pretty straightforward as well, if you’re looking to bake your own bread.

However at Suprima Bakeries, we’ve already made the Vienna bread dough from scratch, so there’s no need for you to waste time perfecting the recipe and sourcing different ingredients – it’s all done for you.

We make all of our dough from scratch and never compromise on quality. If you’re looking to bake amazing Vienna breads with ease, our Suprima Bakery products are the perfect solution.

Read on as we showcase the delicious range of Vienna breads you can bake in your business today.

What is Vienna bread?

crusty vienna cob loaf

Vienna bread is a European classic known for its crisp, golden crust and soft interior. With a hint of sweetness, it offers a delightful balance of flavours and textures. Variations include Classic White, Wholemeal, Multigrain, and German Rye Vienna, catering to diverse tastes and preferences.

There’s something truly captivating about Vienna bread that has made it a popular staple the world over. The crust, with its enticing crunch, contrasts perfectly with the tender and airy loaf within.

But it’s not just this delightful contrast that sets Vienna bread apart. From the classic white Vienna, to the hearty German Rye Vienna that embraces a rustic charm, there’s a loaf to suit every preference. Whether enjoyed fresh from the oven or toasted to perfection, the taste is pure satisfaction.

Vienna bread recipe

A typical Vienna bread recipe may include the following ingredients:

  • bread flour
  • salt
  • sugar
  • active dry yeast
  • water
  • vegetable oil
  • malt extract (optional, for sweetness).

Dough instruction:

  • Activate the yeast. In a small bowl, dissolve the sugar in lukewarm water. Sprinkle the yeast over the water and let it sit for about 10 minutes until it becomes frothy.
  • Mix the dry ingredients in a large bowl, combine the bread flour and salt. If you’re using malt extract for sweetness, add it to the dry ingredients.
  • Combine the wet and dry ingredients by pouring the yeast mixture and vegetable oil into the dry ingredients. Mix to form a dough.
  • Knead the dough on a floured surface for about 10-15 minutes until it’s smooth and elastic.

From here, you would proof the dough and allow it to rise.

To save time and money, our bakers have already done the hard work of sourcing ingredients and making the dough for you!

vienna bread recipe

It’s easier to simply bake fresh with Suprima Bakeries.

By using Suprima’s versatile Vienna dough, baking a range of Vienna breads will take minimum effort. Simply follow the preparation instructions on our method sheet.

It’s as easy as:

  1. Thaw: you simply thaw the dough as you need it.
  2. Create: customise it to your size, shape, and flavour.
  3. Add desired fillings/ toppings (optional)
  4. Proof: allow the yeast to be activated and to produce unique flavour.
  5. Bake: bake fresh and it’s ready to serve.

What about creative variations?

vienna creative variations

There’s so many variations that you can bake with our Vienna dough bases. You can choose to go for either a classic loaf or something more creative like a focaccia or savoury twist – it’s completely up to you!

Some options for you to consider include:

  • Crusty White Vienna
  • Wholemeal and Multigrain Vienna bread
  • German Rye Vienna
  • Crusty white olive infused Vienna
  • Multigrain olive infused Vienna
  • White cob loaf
  • Focaccia
  • White and wholemeal high top loaves
  • White and wholemeal sandwich loaves
  • Savoury twists
  • Pull aparts with savoury toppings and fillings

By using our versatile and customisable Vienna dough bases, you can create a wide range of breads that your customers will love.

A Versatile Solution

The same dough bases that you use to bake our range of Vienna bread loaves are the same dough bases used to make the creative variations listed above. This means you can extend your product range by simply using one or more of our Vienna dough bases.

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