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Why is it Important to Have a Reliable Cafe Supplier?

Wholesale cafe suppliers are the ones working behind the scenes to deliver quality products and ingredients to your cafe’s doorstep.

While they may not be responsible for cooking up a storm or serving delicious meals to your customers, cafe suppliers are incredibly important and play a vital role in the success of your cafe.

As a cafe owner, your reputation and the success of your business relies heavily on the food and beverages you serve. Cafe owners need to work with distributors they can trust.

About Suprima Bakeries

We are a wholesale cafe food supplier dedicated to supplying high quality dough products to your cafe. We aim to save cafe owners valuable time and money! 

Our highly automated Suprima frozen dough facility is located in Western Sydney (you can find us at 1 Magnum Place, Minto, NSW 2566 (or here on Google Maps) and from there, we create and ship our high-quality frozen dough all across the country. We understand how important your time may be, and thus are committed to providing you with quick and on-time delivery.

Standardise your baking process and save on time and costs with our frozen dough product range.

The information below explores some of the possibilities that using Suprima frozen dough products may open up for your cafe.

Cafe Distributor FAQs

As a cafe owner, coffee is a huge part of your business and so is your wholesale coffee supplier. Not only will the coffee supplier you work with directly influence the coffee you serve, but they may also play a key role in providing barista training. Consider approaching the Australian Coffee Association for more info.

When you are looking for a wholesale coffee supplier, you should consider:

  • The origins of the beans
  • How the beans are roasted and their freshness of the beans
  • Stock availability, quality and delivery 

Once you have a reliable coffee supplier in place, it’s time to think about pairing some delicious sweet treats with that frothy cappuccino. Serve up toasty cinnamon scrolls, scrummy hot cross buns (year round!) or fabulous and decadent indulgent chocolate scrolls.  

Working with a reliable milk supplier is another critical business decision that directly impacts the quality of the coffee and beverages you serve at your cafe. 

As a cafe owner, you will need a reliable milk supplier who can make regular deliveries within a convenient time frame. Customers expect a range of milk products these days, including lactose-free milk, almond milk, soy milk, skim milk, full-cream milk and low-fat milk. 

Once you have your milk supply sorted, it’s time to start thinking about how frozen dough can save you time and money!

When it comes to finding a fruit and veg supplier, you are going to want to look for a supplier who can deliver the freshest fruit and vegetables straight to your door. You may also want to find a supplier who can deliver pantry staples such as dried fruits, dried herbs and gourmet cheeses. 

The fruit and veg supplier you work with will affect the food you serve your customers, which may influence their opinion and views on the quality and service of your cafe.

You can order ingredients that can be used to enhance your baking. Think Italian dried herbs, sun dried tomatoes or delicious cheeses added to your savoury scroll dough base.

Why not customise our pizza dough balls with herbs, spices or other dry ingredients to create savoury flavours. Cheese, sauce and vegetables can also be added during the baking process to further enhance the taste of the flatbread.

​​Bread is another key product that all cafe owners need. From serving up a delicious juicy burger to the essential avocado on sourdough toast, no cafe is complete without a quality bread supplier.

While some cafe owners may order in bread throughout the week, bread is always best fresh and this is the quality many customers look for and expect.

This can be a challenge for some cafe owners who either don’t have access to a daily bread supplier or don’t have the means to bake fresh bread themselves. 

One convenient and cost-effective option is Suprima’s high quality dough range.

How To Prepare Suprima's Dough Range

As a cafe owner, you want to ensure you are using your ingredients as efficiently and effectively as possible. Here are a few tips and tricks for thawing and proofing our high-quality dough products! 

Proofing is the final fermentation step in creating leavened (yeast raised) bread. 

Once the dough has thawed and has an internal temperature of approximately 12°C, you can start the proofing stage. When it comes to proofing your dough, you can use an electronic proofer, such as a bread proofer cabinet or just leave the dough out to rest and rise.

While a programmable proofer is ideal and creates the perfect controlled environment, you can also proof your dough by letting it rest in a warm area of your cafe. Resting your dough inside the oven with the light on can also create a suitable proofing environment as the light lets off some heat. 

Depending on the dough and product, this time will be between 40 – 60 minutes. Keep the trays covered and keep an eye on the dough. The dough is ready to bake once it has doubled in size.

For cafe owners with a large enough space, they may wish to consider investing in a commercial retarder proofer, which allows for further automation and ease of preparation. There is no need to rely on memory or timers to check, a retarder proofer takes care of everything. 

Retarder proofers are programable, create the ideal proofing environment, and provide complete control over the fermentation process. This means cafe owners can conveniently thaw and proof your dough with the touch of a button. 

To thaw the frozen dough, it is recommended you set the retarder to 4°C and it will slowly and automatically increase to 38°C for the proofing stage. After the proofing stage, the dough is ready to bake. 

Exact thawing, proofing and baking times will depend on the product and the size of your oven.

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Partner with Suprima as your cafe distributor of high-quality dough products that you customise and bake fresh. Contact one of our bakers at Suprima Bakeries today and grow your restaurant.

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