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How to Continue Baking During the Coronavirus Pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has changed the landscape for those who make a living from cooking and baking. In early March, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced the introduction of strict regulations when the pandemic was declared. This included the closure of all non-essential businesses. For cafes and other food-serving restaurants, takeaway service and home delivery can remain operational, however services must comply with strict health and safety conditions. 

While takeaway and delivery remain available, trends show these new restrictions are still having unfavorable effects on revenue and business for the hospitality sector. A staggering 70% of businesses in the hospitality sector have been forced to reduce the hours of their staff and 43% have had to lay off workers or place them on unpaid leave.

The government takes action to help local businesses

The country continues to remain optimistic that the curve has flattened, with news Queensland and other states across the country could open back up completely as early as mid-June. However, strict regulations are still in place for some states which still affects the business of local cafes, bakeries, and even servos. 

The government continues to provide temporary support to small businesses and incentives to keep employees on payroll that have been affected by the pandemic, such as the Australian JobKeeper Payment. However for some, this isn’t enough to stay a float. Many business owners are still attempting to come to terms with the closures. With some choosing to hibernate until a more stable economy emerges, others are choosing to quickly adapt to the ever changing circumstances. 

Transform your business model

From laying off staff to changing the menu, businesses are beginning to understand that in order to remain open and come out on the other side, cafes and bakeries must cut costs when possible. 

Suprima understands the challenges bakers are facing in the current climate. From high labour costs to expensive ingredients, trying to continue business as usual in an environment that no longer allows you to operate at that level can be challenging. Instead of making things work, consider changing your business model to reflect the new norm we are now living in.

Suprima offers a range of frozen dough products for bakeries across Australia, which can significantly cut the amount of money that goes into baking delicious bread. Our cost effective frozen dough can be used to develop a range of products and can be customised by adding a variety of ingredients to differentiate your products from others. 

Whether you are looking to replace your housemade scrolls with a more sustainable alternative or want to start selling loaves of bread to customers, Suprima can help you achieve your goals.

Stock your bakery with Suprima frozen dough

As one of Australia’s leading bakery suppliers, Suprima can help you transform your baking techniques, saving you time and money. Instead of letting your staff go, consider substituting frozen dough to increase efficiency.

For more information on our product offerings and how we can help your business, get in touch with our friendly team of bakers today.

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